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What facts could Operation Grange have chased down?

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What facts could Operation Grange have chased down?

Post by cbeagle on 02.08.15 6:27

I was wondering what facts operation Grange could have chased down, e.g.

 - Was there any link between David Payne & Yvone Martin
 - What is the full background of CATS 19309 
 - Who delayed the Gasper statements from being sent to the PJ

 - What did David Payne know that he could not reveal as it was not the right forum? (maybe not a fact, but DP did say he had additional info, so Grange should have obtained it).

Facts meaning independently verifiable, or at least some paper trail, e.g. trying to figure out if David Payne visited Kate on May 3rd can't be investigated as a fact.

Any more?

Is it worth an FOI request, not to know the answers as that is probably not in the public interest, but if Grange has full followed up these leads?


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Re: What facts could Operation Grange have chased down?

Post by Carrry On Doctor on 02.08.15 6:37

Was GM the biological father of MBM ?

Did MBM have any medical condition ?

Did MBM have a coloboma, and if so, what was its true extent ?

ETA: We only ask these questions because the T9 story is like a Swiss cheese and they have stated they have a pact of silence. Why ?
Carrry On Doctor

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Re: What facts could Operation Grange have chased down?

Post by G-Unit on 02.08.15 8:49

Re-interview the people who gave the time of the alert as earlier than the T9 did. Chef Peleja said it was 21.20, for example. This fits with Carpenter's evidence who says his wife heard people calling for MM at around that time. People need asking how they knew the time. Did they wear watches or was there a clock in the Restaurant? Does anyone at the main kitchen remember when the chef left there to go to the Tapas and did he return with the news? Receptionist Helder Luis says he was informed between 21.30 and 22.00 by a Tapas employee. Redwood's forensic analysis of the timeline moved everything later. Did his people not re-check with the witnesses who said it all happened earlier? I would have been very curious about that.

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Re: What facts could Operation Grange have chased down?

Post by worriedmum on 02.08.15 22:44

What happened to the 'high shelf 'that cuddle cat reportedly was placed on.

I would really like  to see the bag that was photographed on the wardrobe shelf.

What happened to the pink blanket Gerry mentioned.

I would like to know if it is true that Kate took Madeleine's toys to work with her.

When and where did Kate buy the black and white checked trousers?

I would like to know what Gerry and Michael Wright were looking at in the pictures on my avatar.

I would like to know who the deleted text messages  mentioned by the police were to, and their content...

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