Regrets and Ramblings

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Regrets and Ramblings

Post by Shibboleth on Sat 8 Oct - 23:31

I do not know whether you have seen this blog, I know this is not the right place, I did not know where else to put it.

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Re: Regrets and Ramblings

Post by Guest on Sun 9 Oct - 0:01

Shriek! It's Bren again. For those who don't know, have a look at the topic called "Brenda Ryan's Open Apology to the McCanns".

I feel concerned for her mental stability.


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Re: Regrets and Ramblings

Post by happychick on Sun 9 Oct - 7:25

This would be the same Bren who hosted the 3 arguidos forum and was very vocal about her feelings of the celebrity child neglectors? The one who had avatars of Kate McCann and called her a bitch? The one who allowed images of Gerry McCann having sex with cuddlecat? The one who protected Sean Hyland/Laffin Assasin even after he threatened to hurl a molotov cocktail at the McCanns and their twins?

That Bren you mean?


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Re: Regrets and Ramblings

Post by Marian on Sun 9 Oct - 9:20

That certainly sounds like the one Happychick! I have to say that I had no knowledge of her until her first "forgive me I have sinned" blog was reproduced here. If she did the things mentioned (I'm trying to get the Cuddlecat image out of my head!) I do agree with her that she needed to issue an apology.

It's easy to understand how someone who originally believed the McCanns would have a complete change of mind after reading up about the case but to go the other way is very strange.

I respect her right to her opinions of course but how embarrassing they are to read; with her clearly volatile nature, I wonder if one day she will feel the same about them.

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