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Post by skyrocket on 03.08.15 13:00


I have been keeping a record of the possible statements missing from the PJ files on the premise that what is missing may well be more important than what has been released! Rather than sit on the list I thought I would stick it on here for others to add to, as I'm sure that it is far from definitive.

In no particular order of importance, the following are the statements that I would presume to be missing from the PJ File release. Please correct me if there is anything you feel incorrect.

» Primark Psy Op
by MRNOODLES Today at 22:54

by sandancer Today at 22:28

» The Exeter connection: Clement Freud, Uri Geller, Jimmy Savile, Michael Jackson, Greville Janner (and Robert Murat?)
by Roxyroo Today at 22:17

» What do YOU think happened to Madeleine?
by NickE Today at 21:55

» Freud Communications and the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
by Verdi Today at 21:01

» President Trump
by BlueBag Today at 15:00

» Chapter 13: The McCann family, and the Dossier of Death
by HiDeHo Today at 14:58

by HiDeHo Today at 14:09

» In hindsight, are you happy with the way you voted in Brexit?
by sallypelt Today at 13:21

» Chapter 17: Some Philosophical thoughts in which we examine Logic and the absence of evidence
by Get'emGonçalo Today at 10:15

by Get'emGonçalo Today at 8:46

» Would You Be Happy With Their Behaviour And Inaction If It Were Your Daughter The McCanns Lost?
by BlueBag Today at 7:42

» President Trump's Inauguration
by BlueBag Today at 7:35

» Chapter 16: Why did they do this ? Seven worrying problems
by HiDeHo Yesterday at 14:50

» Chapter 15: Almost the last word on the 'Last Photo' !
by Get'emGonçalo Yesterday at 9:03

» Corrie McKeague's mum webchat - suspicon that she knows where he is
by nomendelta Yesterday at 8:38

» Chapter 11: Crocodile tears
by HiDeHo Yesterday at 2:01

» Chapter 14: The Last Photo = The Pool Photo
by Get'emGonçalo 22.01.17 18:57

» Recap on the Tennis Balls photo
by worriedmum 22.01.17 16:44

» Chapter 12: Floppy sun hats and flapping curtains ?
by Get'emGonçalo 22.01.17 16:06

» Those incredibly 'unreliable' DOGS............again!
by Lands_end 22.01.17 12:38

» McCanns at New Year 2017 - 'tormented', but hoping for 'a miracle', and full of hope, vigour and 'renewed spirit' (Mirror, 4 Jan 2017)
by Lands_end 22.01.17 11:56

» The Creche Sheets
by roz 22.01.17 11:20

» Chapter 5: Sedation
by Amy Dean 22.01.17 10:13

» Twitter (News and important information only please)
by plebgate 22.01.17 4:37

» Chapter 10: Appeals and Pleas
by Get'emGonçalo 21.01.17 20:31

» Jobcentre-DWP Fitness for Work
by Roxyroo 21.01.17 18:13

» Chapter 9: On the reliability of Cadaver Dogs
by Get'emGonçalo 21.01.17 17:25

» PeterMac: FREE e-book 'What really happened to Madeleine McCann?
by Get'emGonçalo 21.01.17 16:10

» The Mystery of the Make-Up Photo - was it taken on the same day as the Last Photo?
by Tony Bennett 21.01.17 16:03

» NEW! 2nd Dec: BBC says Pizzagate is 'Fake News' and an anti-Clinton hoax (was: PODESTA - Child trafficking >> Child sexual abuse >> Comet Ping-Pong >> Besta Pizza etc. True or not true?)
by Roxyroo 21.01.17 12:03

» Chapter 8: Egregious examples
by Get'emGonçalo 21.01.17 10:46

» Chapter 7: Just Checking
by Get'emGonçalo 21.01.17 10:15

» Chapter 6: Cold and Windy
by Get'emGonçalo 21.01.17 9:14

» Clarence Mitchell - Rogue of the century
by Verdi 20.01.17 23:36

» Chapter 1: Changes in story
by BlueBag 20.01.17 20:58

» Chapter 2: Did they Search?
by Casey5 20.01.17 20:39

» Chapter 4: The “Window of Opportunity”
by Get'emGonçalo 20.01.17 18:51

» Chapter 3: Curtains, Door and Windows
by sandancer 20.01.17 18:30


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