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1993 cold case review-man charged

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1993 cold case review-man charged

Post by tasprin on 12.02.14 14:24

Sadly both Claire Tiltman's parents died without seeing justice for their daughter.

Daily mail
12 February 2014

Man, 45, to be charged over 1993 murder of 16-year-old Claire Tiltman after cold case review turns up DNA evidence
Claire Tiltman was stabbed to death in Greenhithe, Kent in January 1993
No one was ever charged over 16-year-old's killing despite parents' pleas

Colin Ash-Smith has now been charged with murder after cold case review


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Re: 1993 cold case review-man charged

Post by PeterMac on 12.02.14 15:21

Very similar to the Colette Aram murder, which I worked on.
DNA research is advancing all the time.
See wiki entry.



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Re: 1993 cold case review-man charged

Post by Guest on 12.02.14 15:23

I remember this case well. It was just a couple of days after Claire's 16th birthday.

I saw a programme recently where Professor David Wilson surmised that the killing was similar to those carried out by Robber Napper who killed Rachel Nickell and another young mother with her child.

We shall see.

The professor's credibility has been severely damaged by his support of someone else who shall remain nameless....

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