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Grace under fire Mm11

Grace under fire Regist10

Grace under fire

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Grace under fire Empty Grace under fire

Post by Guest on 28.01.14 21:13


Please note the graceful thankyou note on behalf of Dr Amaral, now on McCann Files

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Grace under fire Empty Re: Grace under fire

Post by Guest on 28.01.14 22:30

Message from Gonçalo Amaral Facebook
Gonçalo De Sousa Amaral

Thursday, 26 September 2013, at 15:38

At this point, it is worth recalling the decision of the Court of Appeal of Lisbon, which upheld the appeal made in 2010, revoking the decision of the Court of 1st instance, considering unfounded, and not proven, the injunction filed by the McCanns against the sale of my book "Maddie – The Truth of the Lie":
"The book "Maddie – The Truth of the Lie" which was written by the defendant Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, has the main motivation of defending his personal and professional honour..."

"The contents of the book does not offend any of the fundamental rights of the applicants [the McCanns]

"The exercise of its writing and publication is included in the constitutional rights that are assured to everyone by the European Convention for Human Rights and by the Portuguese Republic's Constitution..."
"Despite everything, until a certain moment in the investigation, the [McCann] family sustained and fed the abduction thesis. Nevertheless, at an uncertain date, the family suggested to consult a person that might, eventually, indicate the probable location of little Madeleine's cadaver. This fact became inexplicable to the members of the investigation, given the fact that it was the family members themselves who raised the possibility of little Maddie's death."

in Process 201/07.0GALGS, volume XVII, page 2594

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