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Spanish girl 12, reported missing by mother, mother today arrested for her murder

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Spanish girl 12, reported missing by mother, mother today arrested for her murder

Post by Praiaaa on 25.09.13 15:21

Can't believe it, but another top news story today, this time in Spain.

The mother of the 12- year-old this weekend was found dead with obvious signs of violence in the vicinity of Santiago de Compostela , has been charged for murder.

According to informed sources told Efe research , the viewing of the cameras has provided crucial data for investigators in the case . They have also pointed out that the arrest of Rosario Porto was for " inconsistencies and ambiguities " and " conflicting " about the disappearance of the child.

Sources close to the case have suggested that one of those alleged " inconsistencies " would be one of the cameras viewed by the police recorded the mother and the girl inside a car at a time when , according to the testimony of Porto , small and would have been reported missing.

The mother stated that she had a " great " with her daughter

In the report prepared by the police after the first decision of the parents of the child, who has had access to Efe, the mother stated that it maintained an "excellent " relationship with the child . In addition , ensure that " never " had problems with the child and that they were unaware of problems at school .

As stated in the complaint, the disappearance occurred between 19:00 and 21:30 hours on 21 September . A few hours later, the body was found in the municipality of Teo track that runs parallel to the AC- 841 road .

Meanwhile , the mother told police she left her daughter at home " doing homework " , as she went out " to do some business , leaving the door locked ." When he returned, about 2130 hours , he could " see that the door was locked and the alarm connected property , finding the perfect home ."

Porto , lawyer and ex-consul of France in Galicia , said that the situation was not " strange " and her ex-husband lives very close to her home and her daughter many times going to the home of his father , with whom she and the respondent " have very good relationship."

Once missed during the child adopted and Chinese origin, made ​​contact with her ​​ex-husband " thinking that her daughter could be with him."

According to the police report indicates both the father and mother " were waiting a reasonable time and since the child is not returned home , got in touch with several friends and acquaintances of the girl " .

According to the report the child "never" leave the house alone, except on one occasion

Furthermore, the report states that the child " never leaves home alone until today , only on one occasion and particularly during the holiday of Ascension went with a friend to 20.30 " .

The detainee has not yet appeared before the magistrate holder Court number two of Santiago , José Antonio Vázquez Taín , since the remains of the child have been burned this morning after the funeral wake of Boisaca sign of respect .

In his first statement , the lawyer said that in early summer surprised a man inside his house , located in a quiet street of Santiago , who had tried to smother the smaller but , noticing his presence, the alleged assailant fled .

However, the mother filed a complaint of this intendo of murder , according to Efe sources have detailed research that considered weird as this story as other data provided by Rosario Porto .

The Government delegate in Galicia , Samuel Juarez , said that the police did not rule out " absolutely nothing " and that it appears that the place appeared the least , in Feros , in the municipality of Teo Coruña , not the place in which died . " Therefore, it was moved to a place that was apparently visible to found soon ," he remarked .


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