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Yet another couple facing prison for neglecting child.

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Yet another couple facing prison for neglecting child.

Post by PeterMac on 18.05.13 18:05
Couple who left their baby to die from pneumonia after ignoring relative's plea to call an ambulance as they threw an all-night drunken party are told they face being jailed
Neglectful Matthew Atherton, 23, and Anne Turnbull, 30, binge drank as Liam, four months, suffered seizure
Pair, of Blackburn, Lancs., left infant alone with door open despite fact he had cold
Turnbull's sister told parents of fit - but they carried on party anyway
Tragically, child was found the next morning, lifeless in his cot
Couple had been known to children's services

A couple who left their four-month-old baby to die of pneumonia on a winter's night while they threw a drunken party are facing jail.
Matthew Atherton, 23, girlfriend Anne Turnbull, 30, and three friends sank 60 cans of lager, Jack Daniels whiskey and wine whilst little Liam Atherton was succumbing to the effects of cold and hunger.
The infant had been diagnosed with a cold earlier that day yet had been left in a downstairs room whilst the back door was left open to allow the cigarette smoke from the party to filter outside.
Turnbull and Atherton, who have two other children under the age of two, were told about the seizure - but they refused to call an ambulance despite being encouraged by Miss Heap and her partner.

Why does every case sound the same ? Drinking, door left open, child ill but still left alone, two other children, refused to call ambulance . . .
Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent



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Re: Yet another couple facing prison for neglecting child.

Post by plebgate on 19.05.13 0:56

I am surprised the people who urged them to call the ambulance service did not do so themselves when they saw the parents had no intention of doing so.

Poor child was found around 11a.m. the NEXT morning.



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