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Web paedophiles not given treatment in jail

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Sentences for web paedophiles...

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Web paedophiles not given treatment in jail

Post by Tony Bennett on 28.03.10 8:39

Tony Bennett

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Re: Web paedophiles not given treatment in jail

Post by Jill Havern on 28.03.10 9:06

Web paedophiles not being treated, warns Napo

There are about 7,500 sex offenders in jail in England and Wales

Sentencing for online sex offenders is too lenient and many are failing to undergo proper treatment, the probation officers' union Napo has said.
It warned high risk paedophiles were not being locked up long enough to take part in rehabilitation courses.
One man caught with 24,000 indecent images, including serious abuse pictures, was given 12 months and not made to follow an intensive programme.
The Prison Service said sentencing was "entirely a matter for the courts".
'Minimise risk'
The maximum prison term for web paedophiles at the Crown Court is 10 years.
Napo's report uncovered jail sentences of less than a year and community punishment for those caught in possession of child sex abuse material.
It said the enforcement of offender programmes was too lax despite recommendations from probation officers.

About 7,500 sex offenders are currently in prison
Sex offender treatment programmes are available in 26 out of the 140 jails in England and Wales
About 2,400 paedophiles were treated on the Prison Service's treatment programme last year

Source: Prison Service
Assistant general secretary, Harry Fletcher, said: "In Napo's view it is inappropriate that either no treatment, or sentences too short for treatment, are handed out by the courts.
"There is evidence that treatment in prison, followed by relapse follow-up on licence in the community, is effective and reduces reoffending.
"These are not victimless crimes. There is an urgent need to review sentencing practice and law to ensure that risk to children is minimised."
The report contained evidence of 68 cases from 20 probation areas across England and Wales.
In one case, a man caught with 21,000 child sex images was given an 18-month term with no treatment attached.
A Prison Service spokesman said: "Sentencing in individual cases is entirely a matter for the courts.
"Sex offender treatment programmes are delivered in prison and the community while the offender is on licence or under a community order."
Jill Havern

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