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Missing girl found !

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Missing girl found !

Post by Guest on 09.11.12 9:46

Yesterday a 9 year old girl from Sweden never came to school, and she was reported missing by her dad when she did not come home from school. First then they realized she had never arrived at school that day.

They started a big search, and after 20 hours missing she was found 3 o clock in the night only 400 meters from her home, dressed in mens clothing together with a man in his 20's.

One of the ladies from the search group saw the couple and got suspisious as the child was dressed in big man clothes and her hat was covering the face. The man told it was his boy and that they had given food to the search group. The ladie then liftet the childs hat and saw that it was the girl they where looking for ! She was scared, tiered and confused but looked unharmed other than that.
The search group then made a human ring surrounding the man while they called the police.

The parents are so greatful to have their daughter back unharmed !

Translated article

The nine-year-old girl disappeared on her way to school in Gothenburg on Thursday morning. Thursday night she was found with a man who claimed that they helped in the search operation.

AP follows
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The man at the age of 20 came marching swathes Gatan in Örgryte in Gothenburg, with a child sometimes dressed in big menswear, writes Aftonbladet.

- It's a boy, and we have provided sandwiches for the search party, he should have said when a suspicious woman asked.

According to the Swedish newspaper woman then pulled down hat that hid its face and discovered the terrified nine years old, who had disappeared without a trace in 20 hours.


Sent to Hospital

NATTSØK: Up to 9-year-old was found Thursday night, running a large-scale search operation around the place where she disappeared. Photo: AFTONBLADET
- She was found at 2:48 Friday morning in the same area in Örgryte as she disappeared, said police spokesman Stefan Gustavson, according to NTB.

The girl was sent to hospital for examination. Gustavson can not tell if she's damaged, but according to Aftonbladet confirmed paramedics who arrived at the site at nine years old was unharmed.

It is not yet known how the girl should have been the hours she was gone.

- She told us briefly about where she has been and what has happened. The man will be questioned Friday morning and then the prosecutor to decide whether he should be screened, says Gustavson to Aftonbladet.

- I have not done anything

The woman who discovered nine year old Anna with her husband, according to Expressen belong organization Missing People, who participated in the search operation.

- Our patrol encountered them on a street in the area swathes. They surrounded the man, says Peder Schiller current in Missing People to Expressen.

The man should have first explained that he and the child participated in the exploration campaign, and then claiming that they had delivered sandwiches to those who participated in the extensive search for nine year olds.

- Jag has not done anything, he should have said when he was exposed, writes Aftonbladet.

Article continues below the image

EXPLORATION ACTION: Exploration Crews from the police and the voluntary organisajonen "Missing people" light in the night after the nine-year-old girl who disappeared from her home in Orgryte early in the morning. Photo: Adam Ihse / NTB Scanpix

- Clearly she was frightened

The Swedish newspaper also writes that the little girl still wore the clothes she was wearing when she disappeared Thursday, the men's clothes she was found in. In the man's case was her mobile phone, which has been off since she disappeared.

Mahmood Al Khateh should have been one of the first on the scene when the girl was found.

- She was quiet and calm, but it was clear that she was frightened. The man was confused, sami future as he seemed indifferent, he says to Aftonbladet.

Anneli Johansson shall have borne Anna into a nearby house.

- It seemed like she was really happy to know security and that someone cared for her. She began to cry. Then she met his mother, happiness altogether, says Johansson.

So happy that some cases have a happy ending :)

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Re: Missing girl found !

Post by wjk on 09.11.12 13:25

That's good news! I hope she's not too traumatised after her ordeal.

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