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Chapter 13 – The winding road to Truth Mm11

Chapter 13 – The winding road to Truth Regist10
The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann™
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Chapter 13 – The winding road to Truth Mm11

Chapter 13 – The winding road to Truth Regist10

Chapter 13 – The winding road to Truth

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Chapter 13 – The winding road to Truth Empty Chapter 13 – The winding road to Truth

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Chapter 13 – The winding road to Truth

Those who persist, always achieve. Or almost always. João Tavares and Francisco Meireles launch into an exercise that consists of finding and eliminating the possibilities that are contained within the mental scheme that both had drawn out, in order to find an answer for each one of the core questions, instead of only trying to find the Truth. They believe that by walking this route, the last remaining possibility will be the one that will be closest to the Truth. Another issue is the Material Truth of the Facts, which has to be proved in the criminal process.

They return to the Department in Portimão. They carefully examine dozens and dozens of papers, video surveillance tapes, written documents. In order to organize themselves in the midst of so much paper, they separate the documents that contain more sensitive information, from those that contain merely bureaucratic text.

- We will presume that the dog wasn’t wrong, ok? – says Francisco.
- Maybe it arrived in the Algarve and got his 201st case wrong – João Tavares replies, with a funny smile.
- Well, chief, what do you think about the notion that a body was in the living room where the dog detected the odor, instead of one of the bedrooms? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to hide it in a bedroom?
- That’s right, Francisco, but what if something happened precisely in the living room, and the body remained there until it was decided what to do with it?
- Just ‘being’ there is not enough. It had to remain there for at least one-and-a-half to two hours – Francisco concluded.
- Correct. And what did it take to get it out of there? At least, to wait for darkness. If it was risky to take it out at night, then during the day it would have been madness – João Tavares finalizes.

The two policemen conclude that there might have been an accident inside the apartment. There was no apparent reason for a voluntary crime. Maybe something unexpected had happened, and the parents decided that the best action would be not to assume the fact. It was a possibility that should be considered, taking into account the work of the English dog, and also the work that had been done by the GNR’s sniffer dog, that had detected the trail of Madeleine between apartment 5A and another apartment, and lost it there.

The same English dog found a series of clues that lead him to the beach at Luz, the beach where Krugel had found the presence of Madeleine, already a cadaver. The other dog detected small spots of blood in the living room, which the investigators could at least affirm that belonged to one of the three children of the McCanns. All of this put together, gave them a vision that was not enough as evidence, but certainly as an indication, supported by the theory that the child had been killed inside the apartment, transported from there into another apartment, and then taken to the beach of Luz.

The beach offered the sea as a possibility to conceal the body of Madeleine. But the interior of the Algarve also offers countless possibilities for someone who wants to hide something, to do so with relative ease and success.

- But then, chief, what about the residues that the dogs detected inside the Renaul Scenic? – Francisco questions.

- Well, that really messed the whole picture up, because finding that type of residues in the area that is located just beneath the spare tire is a complicated matter; come to think of it, it’s not really that complicated… or at least not to me – the chief replies, smiling.

- Sure – Francisco continues – one thing is to transport clothing that might have carried traces from the child. They did move house twice, after all, didn’t they? Another entirely different matter is the location of the dog’s findings. Precisely the spot where one would hide things inside a car, right? In the cavity for the spare tire, more precisely beneath the tire. What a strange thing, chief.

- Strange things happen here with the Portuguese, Francisco. When information was released that we had found these elements in the car, the first thing that happened was a voice from London saying that if something had been found, it could only be due to the fact that we had planted it there. Fantastic, isn’t it? – João Tavares protests with indignation, while he walks across the room, from one side to another and back.

- You know what, chief? I’m fed up with those half-profiles and people telling us that we need the CSI here. Those people have no idea how an investigation unfolds in reality.

Francisco is upset about the notion that a criminal investigation works like in the American tv shows. This is completely wrong. It is one thing to analyze great amounts of blood or other bodily fluids, and quite another to examine minuscule samples, that may even be contaminated, which was the case. Apartment 5A had been covered with digital prints of the dozens of people that had been through it, after the child had disappeared.

Even if some criminal had entered the apartment and taken the little girl, what residues would have been left behind? Unless the person had sneezed or grabbed the door handle without gloves, there would have been nothing.

With luck, some footprints might have been preserved, but by the time that the police arrived on location, tens of people had walked through the apartment, covering the footprints of a possible stranger with their own.

João Tavares did not lack ideas, what he needed now was to place them into position, in order to be able to produce a theory that could explain the events of that evening, and to sustain it on facts that could be proved in a court room. This seemed like a gigantic task to him.

The whole investigation had been tainted with wrong information. Normally, investigators are able to discern what is correct from what is false. But the dimension that this case had achieved, made it impossible to determine what was valid or not. Hundreds of witnesses had been heard, thousands of diligences had been carried out. It is all included in the process, and no matter how often one goes over it, there is always a possibility that the missing link is there, somewhere, hidden among millions of words.

- Listen, Francisco, while we continue on our work of eliminating possibilities, let’s imagine this was an abduction perpetrated by a stranger, a freak who wanted to hurt the little girl, who realized that in the apartment he could not be at ease with her, and took the child somewhere else. Let’s admit that there was none of the noise that would be expected under such circumstances. We could even admit that the pig had his ways with the child. Did he abandon her on the street? I don’t think so! He is not a human being anymore, he is an animal and he sees his task through. He knows that the child can point at him as the person who hurt her. Never. It’s not only about prison, it’s also about life in prison and the condemnation by society.

- Ok… Then what, chief? Keep going… - Francisco says, intrigued about João Tavares’ line of reasoning.

- Then? Then he had to get rid of the body, because it could tell us a lot about what had happened, and about the perpetrator. Sea or land? For the sea, it is necessary to have means, and the possibility of having them, of being transported to them with the child, without being detected… I don’t think so. A guy like this, under the circumstances, wants short distances and to spend as little time as possible with the victim. At least after he got what he wanted…

Francisco interrupts:

- And also, at least to me, all the sightings of the child were nothing but people who had been under the suggestion of the phenomenon. If you look at it closely, all those people who swore that they had seen the child with a couple or with a man, said that she was very sad, calling out for her mother, and even that, so many days later, she was still wearing the same pajamas that she wore on the night that she disappeared. It’s all fake. In all those cases that we managed to identify the child and the people, it was clearly proved that they were all mistakes. Some of those alerts even came from people who were perfectly honest, while others, I don’t know, but maybe they were thinking of the millions in that reward. When money is thrown into the case, it just gets worse. People get so obsessed about the euros, they want to see Madeleine anywhere. Do you remember – Francisco smiles – that guy who called us, saying that he had seen the girl on the train to Sintra, accompanied by a man who had a suspicious face? There are some nutcases out there…

- That is just it, Francisco! – João Tavares is animated. – You have just touched an interesting point, and I need no dogs to convince me of this. The child, unfortunately, does not belong to the world of the living anymore. Even if someone was holding her, could we ever believe that she would be kept in that condition, knowing that this is the most publicized child in the world? I don’t think so. The excessive publicity that was given to her face and to the issue of her iris were her condemnation, even in the case that she left that apartment alive. When a child goes missing because she is lost in a shopping center or on the beach, I think it is correct to tell the world about what should be told, and to publicize the child’s distinctive features. Now, if she ever left there alive, publicity killed her. She is worthless to the person who took her. For adoption, it’s the biggest mistake ever. To be included in a pedophile network? She is worthless under these circumstances, even more so because they prefer to keep both themselves and the children anonymous, because if the children remain unknown, then the risks are less. The rest is just empty talk, my friend. She died and God take care of her, because she was an innocent who fell into a world of pure beasts.

Francisco has to agree with his chief. The months that have passed have proved just that, that the destiny of Madeleine was sealed in one of two possible ways, during a time lapse that did not surpass two days. The first one, when she disappeared from that apartment. The second one, when her face and her distinctive signs were prematurely publicized to the world.

He cannot understand why there was such a rush to publish the image, or such a hurry in calling the British media on the night of the disappearance. Why the assumption that this was an abduction case, when it had not yet been determined whether this was a simple case of leaving the apartment by herself? If, for example, on that night the children had been given the medicine that Madeleine’s grandfather had said they usually were given, and which induces sleep and relaxation as side-effects, then there would be an explanation for the fact that the McCanns immediately stated that the child could not have left on her own.

Francisco and João Tavares are embroiled in this conversation when they are warned that a Spanish journalist called Tosca Dell’Anno is waiting at the reception, claiming to have valuable information about the case.

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