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Vogue Model aged just 10!!

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Vogue Model aged just 10!!

Post by Guest on 12.08.11 15:08

I won't copy and paste, you can look at the link, but imo this is totally wrong.

Vogue model aged just 10

Tweet from Mark Williams-Thomas.........................

mwilliamsthomas Mark Williams-Thomas

Vogue have dressed a 10yr old girl in a very sexually provocative way - Worldwide the magazine should b boycotted Pls RT

15 hours ago


By Deidre Sanders, Sun Agony Aunt

DRESSING a ten-year-old child like this is deeply disturbing.

These are highly sexualised images. Maybe Thylane herself thinks she is just dressing up but she has been styled to appeal to post-pubescent sexual men.

It's like marketing to paedophiles.

Never mind wondering what the photographer and magazine are thinking of - what are her parents thinking of? Is it for the money?

None could be worth selling her childhood innocence.

Is it to lay the foundations for a great future for her?

She may well be looking at a lucrative career as a model but responsible agencies note promising young girls, then wait for them to grow up.

If the fashion world won't behave responsibly under its own steam, we need laws to protect our children.

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Re: Vogue Model aged just 10!!

Post by happychick on 12.08.11 15:25

It's like marketing to paedophiles

So why have they repeated the girls name and re-posted the pics in the Sun and other newspapers because they are also now marketing her to paedophiles.

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Re: 10 year old model

Post by tellusanother1 on 12.08.11 15:36

I was shocked by this story being printed. I remember when here in Canada back in the 80's we had a supermodel who became so at 15 and there was such a stink about it. The age limit seems to be getting younger all the time. This is wrong and these children should be allowed to be what they are....children. I was in the sandbox at 10 for pete's sake. I had twittered this earlier in the week asking for a vogue boycott. I feel strongly that this is child abuse. It really shouldn't have to come to this.

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Re: Vogue Model aged just 10!!

Post by Daisy on 12.08.11 16:02

Sick and disturbing. What's worse is the 'culture makers' behind this sexualisation of children are usually very rich old men.

I found this latest stunt by lady Gaga equally as disgusting. A baby dressed up in a meat dress!
by the comments on this DM article, I'm in a minority in my distaste.
What kind of message (subliminal or otherwise) does a baby dressed as a
piece of meat give out to sick minds? Spoof or not, the images are out
there and very wrong imo.

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Children in adult poses

Post by Guest on 12.08.11 16:23

My thought here is that the tabloids will rightly condemn such a young girl being photographed in this way and yet, as far as I am aware, none of them have ever condemned the highly inappropriate photos of Madeleine that have been issued.

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Re: Vogue Model aged just 10!!

Post by lj on 13.08.11 4:14

OK bad Vogue, but what about the parents: even worse imo.

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry

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