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Do You Speak Arabic?

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Re: Do You Speak Arabic?

Post by PeterMac on 25.01.11 8:33

Tigers Eye
I agree with you, that they would have wanted to ask in detail about the dogs' actions, but faced with a suspect who goes "no comment" it is sometimes very difficult to go further. The line to take in those circumstances, at least under English law, is still to put the questions one by one, so that the silence or lack of response even to the most simple and innocuous ones can be seen by the jury. We recall that under English law the silence cannot itself be proof of guilt, but if the suspect subsequently comes up with some explanation which they could have produced at the time, this delay may be commented on.
I personally think the PJ should have pushed harder that first night, but that is easy to say in retrospect. They were given a scenario of a missing child, and I do not blame them for concentrating all their resources on organising a wide and thorough search based on that information.
There are similarities with the Lubbock case (qv.) where the first officer at the scene was told that he had drowned. At that stage there was no reason for that officer to suspect otherwise, and for that reason some of the scene was lost. The 9 o'clock 'shudders', are well known in Police circles. The hapless officer still on duty after a long night shift is presented to the senior officers all fresh and coffee'd up, and all that is said is "you should'er done this, you should'er done that." Hindsight is a very precise science.


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Reopening of the case? Yes, please.

Post by Autumn on 25.01.11 20:32

Official Find Madeleine Campaign From our friends at Madeleine-Writing the Wrongs: If Gonçalo Amaral has ‘new information’ as he says, why doesn’t he comply with his word and ask for the reopening? He can. If he wants to… But what Gonçalo Amaral knows is that he has nothing.
Reopening of the case? Yes, please. | Madeleine - Writing the Wrongs
In one of his most recent snort of anger, which he manifests himself with some frequency in the Correio da Manhã, Gonçalo Amaral puts forward what he thinks is a threat to the parents of Madeleine. Apparently he will seek a reopening of the case based on a ‘new track’: Madeleine´s blanket.

How ungrateful of the McCanns, they should be on their knees, thanking Goncalo Amaral from the bottom of their hearts for seeking to get the case reopened. So what, if it turns out he doesn't have enough new evidence to get it reopened, at least he is trying his utmost - surely, if the parents had nothing to hide, they would be doing cartwheels of joy around the streets of Rothley at the news this caring detective is not giving up on their child. Perhaps, Kate and Gerry, you could inform your facebook friends when precisely do you intend to hand your petition in rather than directing them to sites attacking the one man in Portugal who has given his all to find out what happened to you daughter.


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