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Study finds that whenever you lie, your brain adjusts to make telling bigger whoppers easier

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Study finds that whenever you lie, your brain adjusts to make telling bigger whoppers easier

Post by biggles on 25.10.16 18:07

from the Independent:

‘Deceivers often recall how small acts of dishonesty snowballed over time and they suddenly found themselves committing quite large crimes’

Telling small lies causes changes in the brain that lead people down a “slippery slope” towards increasingly large acts of dishonesty, according to a new study.
Brain scans showed there was a strong emotional reaction in the minds of people who lied for the first time in a guessing game, but this effect gradually reduced over time as they played.
And, while players initially tended to tell relatively small lies, they gradually became more untrustworthy as they got used to deceiving other players for their own advantage.
[snipped rest of article]

I wonder if Kate & Gerry can be put through a MRI scanner so we can see exactly what's happening in the 'amygdala' ? :-)

"By monitoring their brain with an MRI scanner, they were able to show that an area of the brain associated with emotion, the amygdala, initially reacted strongly to a lie but this effect decreased over time. Large reductions in this reaction were associated with particularly big lies."


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