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Sky News: Cyril Smith

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Sky News: Cyril Smith

Post by whatsupdoc on 29.09.16 20:58

While reading about BHH's resignation on Sky News, I came across this article on Cyril Smith...

I have read about the police covering up complaints about Cyril Smith so I'm not surprised about this decision.

It would seem to me that some people are above the Law.

Never mind a reshufffle , we need a new pack.

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Cyril Smith,Knowles House.

Post by willowthewisp on 30.09.16 13:11

Hi Whatsupdoc,at the present moment with regard to the"Failure once again" from the UK Police to bring about anymore Criminal convictions for the abusers,who abused the children/adolescents from Knowles House,seems to be crass to say the least?
The"New Four"supposed people who are thought capable of replacing,Sir Bernard Hogan Howe as the Metropolitan Police service Commissioner,have"Skeletons"rattling in the proverbial cupboard,in regard to decisions they had undertaken when acting in a senior position?
As Jeanmonroe confirmed in one of her recent posts,quite incredulous if anyone of these person's is appointed?

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