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HELP WANTED - Please fly the EU flag as often as you can - or we may be fined

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HELP WANTED - Please fly the EU flag as often as you can - or we may be fined

Post by Tony Bennett on 12.08.10 8:18

This is a very serious issue and I should be very grateful if all forum members could help in any way they can.

The article below (and many others in British newspapers this week) informs us that Britain is not flying the EU flag often enough. As a result, the whole country risks being FINED by the EU for not promoting it enough.

PLEASE do all you can. I'd recommend you buy as many flags as you possibly can - and then go from shop to business indeed anywhere you can, begging people to fly the flag (the EU flag that is) as prominently as possible.

If we can all pull together to avoid being fined by the EU, who knows, there may be sufficient funds made available for Home Secretary Theresa May to require a British police force to undertake a badly-needed re-investigation into, er, the incompetence of the Portuguese police.


Hague flies the flag to put EU in its place

By Quentin Letts
Last updated at 8:58 PM on 30th July 2010

Whitehall has finally admitted that it is forced by law - on pain of fines - to boost European Union propaganda and fly the European flag.

Until now, civil servants have been coy about confessing we may not even choose nowadays which flags to run up our state flagpoles. The Coalition is proving far more open about such matters.

William Hague wants everyone to know about this outrage. His Foreign Office this week disclosed that we are compelled to fly the European flag, and promote the EU logo, owing to something called EC Regulation 1828/2006, Articles 7(2) and 9.

The Department for Communities and Local Government (home of Eric Pickles!) is legally obliged to parade the EU flag at the front of its premises for a week every May.

The Government must also 'highlight the added value of the intervention of the Community' at sites supported by the European Development Fund.

Guess who helps fund that fund. We do. So we pay for it first time round - and then have to pay all over again for promotional activity giving Brussels the credit.

The Foreign Office said in a parliamentary answer this week that Mr Hague is ' keen to challenge' these rules.

It added that the EU flag will henceforth be flown on the inferior of the two flagpoles that are outside the Communities Department. Ha! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Johnny Continental.

Veteran Eurosceptic Lord Stoddart, who elicited this information, says it is 'completely and utterly outrageous' that we are forced to fly any flag.

'I've been making speeches against the European Union since 1962,' says one-time Labour MP Stoddart. 'It is difficult to express how angry I am. I have become almost worn out by it."

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