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The Lantern Project for child sexual abuse survivors in trouble as the NHS cuts all funding

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The Lantern Project for child sexual abuse survivors in trouble as the NHS cuts all funding

Post by Tony Bennett on 09.12.15 22:35

Here is a subject which arises out of the child sexual abuse crisis in the country and is centred around funding for The Lantern Project, which ostensibly provides support and legal advice to adult 'survivors' of child sexual abuse.

The subject has a number of dimensions, not least due to its link to Operation Fernbridge, which DougD is valiantly keeping us up-to-date with on another thread.    

Not least of the points of interest to us here on CMOMM is the major question marks about one of the 'leading' child sexual abuse witnesses, Esther Baker, who in some way in which I am not sure, Sonia Poulton has apparently been promoting.

The Lantern Trust has its supporters, and its opponents.

It seems to be part controlled by members of the Wilmer Family, who mostly seem to live in Prague.

There are allegations that it is much too closely linked to certain firms of solicitors, who have been branded 'ambulance-chasers'.

It has received a lot of public money.

It has been staffed by some counsellors, many of them unqualified, who are claimed by some to use techniques which can implant false memories of abuse in vulnerable individuals.

One of its supporters is Labour MP and now Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, who many thought was a champion of people allegedly believed to have been abused by a high-level paedophile ring, but who has more recently been accused of naming and shaming only Conservative politicians - and of publicly backing dubious witnesses, such as 'Darren'. 

The role of Exaro News in promoting some of these allegedly unreliable witnesses is also under close scrutiny.  

Into the mix, almost inevitably, comes self-professed child sexual abuse expert and criminologist, Mark Williams-Thomas, who appears to be one of those challenging the methods and modus operandi of The Lantern Project. 

Anyway, FWIW, here is the Daily Mail's take on the story today:

I hope to add some more notes on this in the future

ETA 1: More about Esther Baker and her appearance on SKY News here:

Esther Baker claiming on SKY News that she was repeatedly raped on Cannock Chase at night-time, including by police officers in uniform:

ETA2:  Ah! The Esther Baker-Sonia Poulton is explained in this long article: someone, 'Adeybob', who is a known Sonia Poulton-sceptic  Esther Baker has been very active indeed on social media which seems very strange for one in the middle of helping the police with a  high profile investigation.

The Esther Baker-Sonia Poulton connection is referred to in these tweets as well. I am really not sure what the 'stalks my TL daily' is all about:


Sonia Poulton @ SoniaPoulton
Can someone in touch with cesspit, you know which one, tell #Bennett to stop his nonsense. I have nothing to do with a court case or a blog.
Retweet 1
Like 1

5:23 PM - 27 Oct 2015

Esther Baker‏ @ Esther9982 Oct 27
Esther Baker Retweeted Sonia Poulton
I'll RT as I know he stalks my TL daily. …
Esther Baker added,

Sonia Poulton ‏@ Sonia Poulton Nov 21
Esther Baker waived anonymity & made allegations against MP. Case ongoing. Meantime savage trolls encircle her #CSA …

ETA3:  One blogger who simply brands Esther Baker as a liar:

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Esther Baker liar

Fester has a very distinct habit of lying

She lied about the Wilmers trolling others because they were 'concerned abut her being in hospital' - when in fact the Wanking Wilmers had already started their trolling much earlier in the day, whilst Fester was doing her media interviews, darlings yet Fester  blatantly lied to get sympathy and try to get her supporters  off the hook

The facts are easy to check on hers, and others TL .9th's a bare faced lie

She also lies about McFadyen and paints him as invading her TL, when in fact it's largely been the other way around for her and her cronies.

Here is Fester again lying and trying for the sympathy card

Now it's fair to say both don't get along, but it's a lie to say she gets daily or anywhere near daily, abuse, that simply is a lie.
When asked to support her lie Fester can't - instead she attempts a diversionary tactic of a spurious claim, - namely drlavertyx has a new ID. Now if you look at the stats, his tweets are 25k on that account, the same account Fester has been engaged with all along, so how can she think it;s a new ID?

It isn't she is trying to avoid supporting her lies, because she can't.

She implied she had blocked him earlier, then seemingly blocks him again, presumably just to make sure.

Fester lies as a matter of fact, to try to get what she wants, which is usually sympathy related, or to cover up other earlier lies. She lies so readily, it's compulsive.

Question is for someone like that, when does the lying stop, if ever?
Tony Bennett

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Re: The Lantern Project for child sexual abuse survivors in trouble as the NHS cuts all funding

Post by Doug D on 11.12.15 15:36

Response to the funding cuts from David Hencke:
Child sex abuse survivors: a dangerous precedent to withdraw funding
Posted on December 11, 2015 by davidhencke
The recent media row over the alleged therapy techniques used by the abuse survivors charity, the Lantern Project, which led to the withdrawal of funding is a dangerous precedent.
The row pushed essentially by two newspapers by the Sunday Times and the Daily Mail ( see article here) could have much wider implications than just in the Wirral where the charity is based.
Essentially the allegations centred around two high profile survivors Esther Baker and one known as ” Darren” . Esther’s allegations are currently being examined by Staffordshire Police in a very detailed investigation which  has already led to one arrest and another person being interviewed under caution.
I am not going to comment further on the investigation particularly as the Solicitor General, Robert Buckland, has warned the media of ” the risk of publishing material that gives the impression of pre-judging the outcome of the investigation and any criminal proceedings that may follow, or which might prejudice any such proceedings.”
Indeed I am frankly surprised that both papers thought  they could comment on an active police investigation by casting doubt on the credibility of a survivor and perhaps there may be a case of drawing this to the attention of the Attorney General.
What more concerns me is the decision of the Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group to withdraw substantial funding for the charity in the wake of the Sunday Times allegations.
The reduction appears to be part of a £20m cut affecting other services but by withdrawing the £150,000 and stating firmly they disagree about the use of the therapy -Unstructured  Therapeutic Disclosure – which some people think can cause false memory syndrome- is specifically aimed at cutting support to survivors. As it says “There is no recognition or recommendation of this approach by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).” And it questions whether the Lantern Project has the skilled staff to do this – even though the charity itself refers people back to the GPs in these cases.
However the effect of the withdrawal of the money  is not confined to just two high profile survivors – one of whom-Darren – doesn’t seem to have received the therapy anyway.
It turns out that the charity has been helping  at least 200 to 400 other families and provides or did provide a website forum for some 1000 survivors in the area. Wirral, faced with these other cuts, is not going to provide any money to other organisations – even if they could provide the services, which they can’t anyway.
Also its stance on staff could have implications for other groups that provide counselling to survivors.The Wirral decision on staffing required could provide an excellent excuse for a cash strapped NHS to withdraw support from other charities by saying they should employ psychotherapists as well as trained counsellors. And it is clear that the NHS is going to face a grim winter just providing  basic high profile services to the elderly and sick.
Those who have been concentrating on attacking the charity for supporting these two high profile cases seem to be totally unaware of the effect on other survivors who will now lose support.
They have not entirely been successful either. Norfolk Police Commissioner’s Office which is distributing the £7m to survivors organisations earmarked by the home secretary, Theresa May, is NOT withdrawing money from the Lantern Project, despite being briefed by Wirral CCG. And subject to a professional audit will continue to do so next year.
And the Daily Mail and Sunday Times coverage has had an unintended consequence- the Lantern Project has received £55,000 in two large donations from survivors or their families helped by the project. The money is part of  large compensation payments awarded by the courts on other cases taken up by the Lantern Project.
This means that the charity can continue to do some – but not all of its work. But the damage to services helping survivors has already been done.


It is also to be noted that Esther Baker and Jenny Tomlin are in London today meeting with the CSA Inquiry, following meetings (I believe) at the Home Office in the last week or so:

Jenny Tomlin ‏


  2h2 hours ago
@reflectionsuk3 is the original and we are pleased to tell you that @Esther9982 @TomlinJenny are at the millbank to meet with the CSAinquiry

Doug D

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The Lantern project has funding withdrawn by NHS

Post by willowthewisp on 11.12.15 18:32

So these two News papers have been rummaging around into how a service provider was undertaking it's role in counselling services to Adults who have claimed they were abused as children and no doubt made sure of their vested interest into the Company owners, Ambulance chasers,profiteering out of providing a service?
Someone should ask these reporters that, If the children had not been abused in the First place by the abusers, there would be no need now for the public's money to be providing an inquiry by Mrs Lowell Goddard into how so many people thought to have suffered at the perpetrators behest. The Police if they had undertaken their"Oath of  Office" and had acted accordingly, the Tax payer would not now be having to resource a second investigation into "Original Crimes committed against them" in the first place?
I hope someone reports them to the Attorney General for possibly "Obstructing Police investigations" or is that their real purpose, making unsafe case for special friends, who could face charges or to discredit the Witnesses?
So has any one put a price on the funding of all the current Police cases and Justice Goddard,I'll bet it is more than £155,000.00 claimed from the NHS resources?

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