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The Philosophy of Freemasonry

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The Philosophy of Freemasonry

Post by skyrocket on 25.11.15 15:29

Found this interesting snippet in an article entitled 'The Philosophy of Freemasonry' at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Prisoner’s Dilemma

Imagine two men caught by the authorities and accused of having done something against the law. The authorities have no proof, only a strong suspicion against them, and needs each of them to stand witness against the other person in order to convict them. In order to do that, the two are put in separate rooms, with no means of communication between the two of them. To each, the following scenario is given:


1. If you assist the state and be a witness against your partner, your partner will get ten years in jail.

2. If you assist the state and be a witness against your partner, and your partner accuses you of the crime, because you have turned state witness, you will get only 5 years.

3. If you don’t assist the state and refuse to be a witness against your partner, whereas your partner turns state witness and accuses you of the crime, you will get 10 years and your partner will go free.

4. Unspoken of course is, if both you and your partner refuse to co-operate with the state, then neither of you will go to jail.


This can be summarized as a table of jail-terms:


  He betrays you He remains loyal
You betray him5 years5 years 0 year10 years
You remain loyal10 years0 year 0 year0 year


Given this scenario what would you do? If you choose to remain, loyal, the best outcome is 0 year in jail for you, but the worst outcome, that of having 10 years in jail is also a possibility. However, if you chose to betray him, the best outcome is also 0 year in jail for you, but now, the worst outcome is only 5 years in year. Logically, you should choose to betray him. Logically, he would follow the same reasoning, and the state would get what it has wanted, a conviction of both of you. However, if only you can trust him and he can trust you to a similar degree, then both of you could have got free!


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Philosophy of Freemasonary?

Post by willowthewisp on 27.12.15 12:39

I have just previewed a video off youtube called,The Portugal Job by PeterWHDC and it has serious flaws of the statements and time lines of the whereabouts of the "special group of Cohorts"where in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann from the holiday Apartment complex between 28 April-03 May 2007,especial attention drawn to the apparent sailing,Beach activities on the Thursday 3 May 2007  by at least three males and one female from the group of close friends have given to the UK/PJ Police?


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Re: The Philosophy of Freemasonry

Post by Carrry On Doctor on 31.12.15 9:56

I hadn't seen this video before and I found it interesting, but I don't agree with its final conclusion.

The video rightly questions the movements of the group and particularly the sailing event. MBM being disposed of in water would solve many problems when the 'search' would be at its most intense. No chance of finding her, and no scents to follow. I agree that this is plausible and in keeping with time-scale befitting an early incident.

However, the video leaves the viewer with the thought that MBM is still there, which I consider unlikely for several reasons;

1. A weighted down body would still be at the behest of tides and currents, so there would be a risk of the body being washed up at some point in the future.

2. Just as risky, is the body being caught in a net or fisherman's line, and brought to the surface.

3. Perhaps most significantly are the traces and findings in the hire car several weeks later. GA considered that refrigeration had occurred, but perhaps this may have been fluids from storage in water?

So IMO temporary disposal at sea is quite realistic, and the blue bag would indeed provide suitable concealment for moving the body, but the situation remaining would have been too risky over time. I am no mariner, so I stand to be corrected.

Progressing that thought further, in support of point 3 above, how would a body have been recovered some days/weeks later? The inference of the video is that MBM is in water enough deep enough not to be seen. The 'sailors' have gone home by that time ? Would any recovery have needed diving competence and equipment ? Perhaps this suggests that MBM was actually stored in shallow water near the rocks ?

Finally, with reference to Freemasonry.....yes, there are many indications that a brother was in need.

Carrry On Doctor

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Re: The Philosophy of Freemasonry

Post by Rob Royston on 01.01.16 22:38

Recovery would not have been impossible if a hand held GPS was used to mark the spot when the bag was lowered to the seabed. You would just create a waypoint and the GPS would lead you back to the exact spot again when a Scuba diver, or just a snorkel depending on the depth, could go down with a rope to retrieve the bag.

Rob Royston

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