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Mitchell: 'A phone call to Carter-Ruck normally sorts it'

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Mitchell: 'A phone call to Carter-Ruck normally sorts it'

Post by Tony Bennett on 22.07.10 9:34

Clarence Mitchell at the DCMS Select Committee, 10 March 2009, pages Ev 78-9


I am not going to dignify some of the on-line comment or sites or forums that are out there around this particular case A lot of what they say is, as you say, quite rightly, entirely disgusting and nor, as I say, will I dignify it with any real comment.

Where we see deeply offensive nonsense like that, inaccurate, libellous statements appearing, it has got to the stage where I will not even tell Gerry and Kate about it, it is pointless.

I let Adam know, and if it is a mainstream media outlet that is allowing this publication to occur, normally a call from Carter Ruck pointing out the legal problems they are facing with such comments sitting there will normally suffice to get it either retracted or taken off.

That is not in any way trying to stop free speech. Expression of free speech within the law of the land is absolutely fine, but when it oversteps the mark, and I know exactly what you mean about that other tragedy, you just wonder about human nature, where is the compassion, and where is the heart in any of these people that they can say these things freely?

Tony Bennett

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Re: Mitchell: 'A phone call to Carter-Ruck normally sorts it'

Post by aiyoyo on 22.07.10 10:28

The comes across as an admission that he personally monitors forum/blog. Either that, or he pays people to do so and report to him? And, he seems to work hand in hand with CR over this.

Is he still retained by the mccanns? Even if he is their retainer, he seems over zealous about his role. One is left wondering the depth of shit he sits in or how much is at stake for him?

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