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Yet another family tragedy

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Yet another family tragedy

Post by PeterMac on 11.09.14 9:11

Mother reports children missing.
Father arrested for murdering them.
Five children 'killed': Father Timothy Ray Jones Jr facing charges after leading police to bodies in South Carolina
Timothy Ray Jones Jr was originally arrested on a drink-driving charge
JEFFREY COLLINS Wednesday 10 September 2014

A father is expected to be charged with murdering his five children after leading officials to a secluded clearing where their bodies were wrapped in rubbish bags.
Acting Sheriff Lewis McCarty of Lexington County in South Carolina said on Wenesday that Timothy Ray Jones Jr would be charged with five counts of murder when he arrived in his native South Carolina. Jones was being held in Mississippi.
The 32-year-old was arrested on Saturday on a drink-driving charge, police said in a statement. Sheriff McCarty said authorities believe that Jones killed the five children at the same time, but he did not say specifically why he thought that. Authorities are not sure of the motive for the killings of the children, aged one to eight years old.
“This is a very tragic situation,” said Michael Jackson, the chief prosecutor in Wilcox County, Alabama. “These kids’ lives were snuffed out before they had a chance to enjoy life. Justice will be served.”
On Wednesday morning, the isolated dirt road where the bodies had been found was abandoned. Investigators had worked late into the night, but there was no longer any sign of vehicles or people.
Jones had joint custody of his children with his ex-wife, police said, and had recently told neighbours he and the children were going to move out of South Carolina. The children were reported missing by their mother on 3 September, authorities said.



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Re: Yet another family tragedy

Post by palm tree on 11.09.14 9:18

Poor children, there's another breed of humans on this earth.

Fight for Madeleine
palm tree

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