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Mikaeel: Daughter of GP may get six years for killing son, 3

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Mikaeel: Daughter of GP may get six years for killing son, 3

Post by tasprin on 26.07.14 13:57

Both articles are by Express reporter Stephen Wilkie - but the more comprehensive online version has a very different headline
eta: Police are not happy with the culpable homicide 'Deal' and Google have removed links under ‘Mikaeel Kular’: "Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe. Learn more: EU Right to be forgotten"

Daily Express Paper Edition (Page 28)
Daughter of GP may get six years for killing son, 3
By Stephen Wilkie
Saturday 26 July 2014
A GP’s daughter who beat her three-year-old son to death because he was sick after eating ice-cream could serve fewer than six years in prison.
Rosdeep Kular, 34, faced a murder charge at Edinburgh High Court but pleaded guilty instead to culpable homicide - despite inflicting 40 injuries on her son Mikaeel’s body. The average punishment for this lesser offence is eight years.Kular, whose mother and stepfather are family doctors, will get a third off for submitting an early plea and qualify for automatic early release after serving two-thirds of her sentence. A police officer involved in the hunt sparked when the mother-of-five reported Mikaeel missing described the deal as “scandalous”.

The court heard Kular “lost her temper” when Mikaeel was sick after a visit to a Nando’s restaurant with his twin sister Ashika in January. She beat Mikaeel repeatedly and refused to seek medical hel before finding him dead in the bedroom of the flat Drylaw, Edinburgh.

Initially Kular said Mikaeel had wandered off. Hundreds of residents joined police scouring the area. But after being quizzed for a third time, divorced former hairdresser kular said: “It was an accident and I panicked. I am going to jail.” The remains were found in a suitcase in woods near Kular’s childhood home in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Last night Fife Council announced a review as it emerged that in 2013 Mikaeel and Ashika were placed in care as Kular battled alcoholism. She will be sentenced next month.

Daily Express Online Version
Edinburgh’s killer mum could be out of jail in six years
A MOTHER who brutally beat her toddler son to death because he was sick after eating ice cream could serve less than six years.
By Stephen Wilkie
Sat, July 26, 2014
Senior police officers were last night “outraged” after prosecutors agreed to accept that Rosdeep Kular did not mean to kill three-year-old Mikaeel. She had faced a murder charge at the High Court in Edinburgh but pleaded guilty instead to culpable homicide, despite inflicting 40 injuries on Mikaeel’s tiny body. But, under soft-touch sentencing rules, the average term for culpable homicide is eight years. Kular, 34, will receive a third off for submitting an early plea and will qualify for early release after serving two-thirds of her time. Police Scotland refused to comment on the plea “deal”, but one senior officer involved in the case described it as “scandalous”.

The court heard Kular, who appeared under her married name of Adekoya, “lost her temper” when Mikaeel was sick following a visit to the Nando’s restaurant in Edinburgh’s Fountainbridge in January with his twin sister, Ashika. Prosecutors revealed Kular’s internet history showed searches including “I find it hard to love my son”, “I love all of my children except one”, “Why am I so aggressive with my son” and “Get rid of bruises”. Mikaeel was sick as he got ready for bed and was repeatedly smacked and struck on the head and body with a clenched fist. Following a third bout of sickness Kular dragged him to the shower and “beat him heavily” on his back over the bath edge. Over the next 24 hours, she beat him again and failed to seek medical help before finding Mikaeel dead in the family’s flat in Edinburgh. Mikaeel’s body was wrapped in bedding and stuffed into a case before being taken to the area where Kular spent her childhood in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

She returned to “raise the alarm”, telling police Mikaeel got up and wandered off from their Drylaw home. Hundreds of local volunteers joined police scouring the area for Mikaeel, unaware he was already dead. But after being quizzed for the third time by detectives, the former hairdresser, whose ex-boyfriend was a crack cocaine dealer gunned down in an Edinburgh drugs war, confessed. The court heard that divorcee Kular broke down and said: “It was an accident and I panicked. I am going to go to the jail.”

Mikaeel’s remains were found in woods in a suitcase covered by broken branches under a tree. He died of “peritonitis and intra-abdominal haemorrhage” – inflammation of the thin lining of the abdomen and internal bleeding – caused by “blunt force trauma”. Prosecutor Alex Prentice QC told the court Mikaeel “would have been in significant pain” but was put to bed after the first attack. He added: “The pain would have increased significantly while Mikaeel became dangerously ill and finally died as a result of the injuries inflicted upon him.” Despite knowing her son was already dead, Kular kept up the pretence of being a worried mother by posting pictures and videos of him on social media websites. Defence QC Brian McConnachie said the case was “truly tragic” for all the family. He told the court: “Rosdeep Adekoya is not a monster.” The killer, who wept during proceedings, will be sentenced by Lord Glennie in August. Following the hearing, Mikaeel’s father, Zahid Saeed, left the court without comment. The Crown Office, which agreed Kular’s reduced charge plea, made no comment either.

Last night, Fife Council announced it would hold a significant case review into its handling of the Kular case. The family was known to social services before moving to Edinburgh, after Mikaeel’s mother admitted she was struggling with alcoholism. The three older children were initially looked after by her estranged husband, while the twins were placed in emergency care. Weeks earlier, her mother, Harjinder Kular, contacted social services twice after her daughter started going out and drinking to excess. The twins were returned to Kular in August 2013, by which time she had moved to Edinburgh and was again looking after all five children. The family was then monitored by Fife Council until December 2013, just weeks before the fatal attack. It is understood social workers never formally handed over the case to their colleagues in Edinburgh. John Myles, independent chair of Fife Child ­Protection Committee, said: “We are aiming to announce the findings by December.”


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Re: Mikaeel: Daughter of GP may get six years for killing son, 3

Post by tasprin on 26.07.14 14:35

This is case is similar though no-one has yet been prosecuted (hope the mother, a nurse, is not still employed by the hospital). I thought a law had been introduced to prevent this scenario.

Daily Mail
Mother WAS to blame for death of toddler - but prosecutors fail to act despite judge's ruling
Prosecutors refuse to press charges, despite family court judge ruling
Summer Rogers-Ratcliffe, aged 21 months, had suffered head injuries
Judge said injuries were 'on balance of probabilities' caused by mother
But CPS will not press charges against Victoria Rogers

By Larisa Brown and Chris Brooke
24 July 2014

The mother of a toddler left dying in her cot was to blame for the child’s death, a judge has ruled.

A previously unseen document stated that on the balance of probabilities Victoria Rogers lost her self-control and caused catastrophic injuries to her child. Despite the damning judgment the Crown Prosecution Service has refused to press charges because of ‘insufficient evidence’ to prove who was to blame. Last week a coroner said that Summer Rogers-Ratcliffe, aged 21 months, was found with catastrophic head injuries and ruled that she was unlawfully killed by either her mother or stepfather. Prior to the inquest a judgment had been made by a family court judge concerning who was culpable for the death. The judgment at Teesside County Court – which attributed blame to Miss Rogers – was seen for the first time yesterday after this newspaper helped overturn a ruling which prohibited its publication.

Summer’s grandfather James Ratcliffe told the Daily Mail that with the judgment in the public domain he would go on with his 25-year-old son Joss – Summer’s father – to fight for justice. Mr Ratcliffe, 44, along with 2,400 people who have signed a petition, urged the CPS to reconsider the decision not to prosecute anyone. He said: ‘I am flabbergasted to think that in 2014 an inquest found Summer was killed but no one has yet been made accountable. She didn’t just die. She was hit and no one has been prosecuted. It is outrageous. ‘It is fantastic news that the family court ruling is now in the public domain. It will open up a lot of areas to be pursued and hopefully we can go on to get justice. We want to move forward to get someone accountable for Summer’s murder.’

Summer, whose parents split up when she was three months old, was taken to hospital after being found unconscious in her cot at around 8.30am on Monday February 27, 2012. She had a severely swollen brain, which was bruised and bleeding, and died hours later. A post-mortem examination revealed she had suffered a ‘blunt force trauma’ to her head. Ancillary nurse Miss Rogers, 27, Summer’s stepfather Craig Sharp, 34, and grandmother Susan Rogers, 58, were arrested seven months later as they were the only people in the house in the time frame of the murder. All three insisted they had not touched the girl and did not know how she suffered the injuries.

In the judgment published yesterday, it was said Summer had a tantrum after returning from her grandmother’s house on the day before she was found dying. In evidence, Miss Rogers said she had told her daughter: ‘I’m sick of you coming home like this.’ Mr Sharp claimed she told her daughter something to the effect of ‘I can’t stand you any more’. The judgment read: ‘I... have no doubt that the mother was acutely distressed by Summer’s tantrum. I am satisfied that the mother is an emotionally fragile person who would have been deeply upset by the episode which followed Summer’s return home on the Sunday. The evidence does not, in my judgment, support the conclusion that anything was likely to have happened which would have caused Craig S (stepfather) to lose his self-control in the two hours or so between the mother leaving home and Mrs R arriving. The evidence does support, in my judgment, the conclusion that something happened during the course of that night which caused the mother to lose her self-control. However hard the decision, having regard to the cumulative effect of all the evidence and, in particular, the matters referred to above, I have come to the clear conclusion that, on the balance of probabilities, the evidence establishes that the injuries sustained by Summer were caused by her mother.’

Miss Rogers told police she and Mr Sharp went to bed at around 9pm on the Sunday at their home in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. She said she kissed her daughter, who seemed fine, before leaving for work at 6am. Mr Sharp said he woke at 6.30am and checked on Summer by standing at her bedroom door before leaving for work as soon as Mrs Rogers walked in. At the Bradford inquest, coroner Oliver Longstaff effectively cleared Mrs Rogers of blame but did not single out either the mother or stepfather as the likely killer. Mr Sharp and the CPS declined to comment yesterday.


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Re: Mikaeel: Daughter of GP may get six years for killing son, 3

Post by plebgate on 26.07.14 15:01

I agree with the police officer who said the verdict is SCANDALOUS.

How that poor little boy suffered and because she entered an early plea she got a soft sentence.

Poor poor boy.

I hope this "mother" never finds peace again in her life.   Absolutely SCANDALOUS.


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Re: Mikaeel: Daughter of GP may get six years for killing son, 3

Post by aiyoyo on 26.07.14 16:13

Her personal circumstances and situation would have been taken into deliberation; before Court came to the conclusion she did not intend to kill him or want him to die. It's not just her mitigation or confession that is the deciding factor of her charge and sentencing.

In some cultures child abuse is acceptable. Maybe accepted is not the right word; tolerated is probably better word to describe it. In no ethnic or religious culture is child abuse acceptable, but sadly it happens in every culture, and every culture tries to hide it. Whether the culture gets away with it or not depend on whether the country's government and culture take measures to protect children from abuse.

Physical abuse of children is more prevalent in some culture than others; more common in poorer, developing or economy transitionary countries. In culture where no law exists or scan law exists people would turn a blind eye when a child gets physically abused. Thus cultures that do not take measures only means they encourage it.

It's a sad fact that humans are predisposed to cruelty to other human beings, to abuse their children (be it physical, verbal, psychological or mental abuse) Human's behavior is pretty much regulated and controlled by the law, the more severe the punishment the better the deterrent.

That said, if government culture is rubbished, a child has no protection against institutional abuse either.
An unfortunate child can find him/herself displaced from one home and placed into another against his/her will that is worst; and that would be government abuse. But when government do it, it is acceptable. No law exists to punish government for failing to ensure every child under state care is guaranteed an-abuse-free environment.

I'm sure I have opened a can of worms, and expect to hear more on this.


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Re: Mikaeel: Daughter of GP may get six years for killing son, 3

Post by Dont Make Me Laff on 26.07.14 18:29

[size=13]IF we as a nation are no longer able to hold those in power accountable for those whom they have power over. What then is the nature of government, when it has no fear of accountabilityIF we as a nation are no longer able to hold those in power accountable for those whom they have power over. What then is the nature of government, when it has no fear of accountability[/size]

ETA (Heard this in a film recently)
Dont Make Me Laff

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