Another MONEY suit fails

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Another MONEY suit fails

Post by PeterMac on Thu 3 Oct - 8:32

Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine says she feels vindicated, despite losing her wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoter AEG Live.
While a jury in Los Angeles cleared the company of negligence in the singer’s 2009 death on Wednesday, Katherine says she is relived the ‘truth’ about who hired Dr. Conrad Murray has been revealed.
GOOD. The mother who did not care for her son, and took no action to prevent him from his self destructive ways suddenly popped up trying to make millions after his death . . .

Do we see this somewhere else ?



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Re: Another MONEY suit fails

Post by Guest on Thu 3 Oct - 9:13

Yes, I think this was an instance where a person was hoping that a payout would somehow ease their own feelings of guilt.
The case of "Baby P" Peter Connolly's father is even worse.

P.S. Debbie Rowe looks as formidable an opponent as Auntie Phil!


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