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Dr David Payne didn't want to tell the Police what he knew about Maddie's death

Jill Havern | Published on the 15.12.18 8:40 | 2756 Views

Dr David Payne, Woodland Hospital, Kettering, didn't want to tell the Police what he knew about Madeleine McCann's death and still hasn't to this day

Interviewing UK Police Officer DC 1485 IVOR MESSIAH questioning Gerry McCann's 'best buddy' Dr David Payne. (Friday the eleventh of April two thousand and eight)

DC 1485: "Is there anything that you consider pertinent or relevant to establish the material truth?'' (about a three year old child's 'disappearance')

D Payne 'reply': "Err the, there are a few things but I don't think this is the right forum for bringing those up.'

What are the 'few things' that you consider pertinent or relevant to establish the material truth, (about a child's 'disappearance') you want to keep 'SECRET' and not tell DC Messiah, Dave?

by Mirage

Can you imagine telling a police officer investigating a child's disappearance that you know a few relevant and pertinent things that you don't want to talk about now?

Can you imagine a police officer accepting that as an answer and letting you walk out of the station?

Can you imagine a police inquiry into a child's disappearance allowing witnesses to refresh their memories by reading their original statements or that of a spouse?

Can you imagine police officers, given a set of rogatory questions by the lead investigators in Portugal, allowing witnesses to be asked a question posed by two people who are suspects in the Portuguese investigation?

Can you imagine that almost nine years after making that statement, there is no evidence to suggest Dr Payne ever did enter a forum (of his choosing, or anyone else's) to divulge those pertinent and relevant details, not even after DCI Redwood revealed that the child may not have left the apartment alive?

Can anyone explain why that same witness, present in the vital hours and minutes before that child went missing, should have been, along with his wife, removed from a Crimewatch reconstruction that appealed to millions here and in certain other countries - but not Portugal, where the crime took place?


 Dr David Payne, at work, suspected of paedophilia by Dr Katarina Gaspar

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And it is not just Dr Payne.

Let us refresh our memories

4078    “You also, when we spoke earlier, expressed a sense of frustration about the fact that you’d all been banned by the Super (inaudible).”
Dianne Webster:    “That’s right, yes.”
4078    “And you’d been very restrained in what you said.”
Dianne Webster:    “Yeah, yeah.”

What a fascinating exchange that is.
Dianne Webster admits that she has been ‘restrained’ in what she said during an interview designed to trace a 
missing 3 year old, whose life may be at risk
In other words she has not told everything she knows.  And more – nor have they ALL !

Read it again – “. . you’d all been banned . .”

Mrs Webster may, or may not, have held vital information, and may or may not have told the Truth, but felt a sense of ‘frustration’ about being ‘restrained’ from telling the Whole Truth
And clearly the rest of the Tapas 7 similarly had all been banned and we may suppose had all been very restrained in what they said.

I wonder how the McCanns felt, and now feel about this ?
I wonder how Madeleine will feel about it when she finds out that the people at the heart of the enquiry did not tell the Whole Truth in an attempt to free her from the Hellish Lair in the Lawless Hinterlands, in which she has now allegedly spent the past 11 years suffering unspeakable treatment at the hands of her ‘Abductor’ ?

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