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The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann™   

LETTER TO PORTUGAL: New evidence of what might have happened to Maddie McCann

Get'emGonçalo | Published on the 17.03.18 20:07 | 1168 Views


Introduction by forum owner, Jill Havern.

On 28 February 2018, members of the Madeleine McCann Research Group posted, by Special Delivery, a letter to the Chief Prosecutor of Portugal, Drª Joana Marques Vidal.

I’m now publishing the letter, in both its English and Portuguese versions. We are grateful to Portuguese journalist Paulo Reis for the translation of this 8,500-word letter, and to one of our long-time supporters who paid the translation fee. I would just like to add that Paulo offered to do the translation for free, but was persuaded by our generous friend to accept a fee at standard translation rates.

The letter was written by members of the Madeleine McCann Research Group (MMRG).

The lines of enquiry advanced by MMRG in the letter have emerged in large part from the long-term efforts of members of CMOMM. There are a number of Madeleine McCann discussion forums. Ours has been a discussion-forum plus. By that, I mean it is discussion + focussed research. Literally hundreds of CMOMM members have, over the years, contributed to the hypothesis laid out by MMRG in its letter. I thank every one of you so much for your time, effort and input.

As is well known, the Admin & Moderation team here are also of the opinion that many lines of evidence point to Madeleine having died three or four days before the McCanns raised the alarm on Thursday 3 May.

The Portuguese Police are responsible for any further investigation into Madeleine’s reported disappearance and that is why MMRG have sent the letter to the Chief Portuguese Prosecutor, Drª Joana Marques Vidal. It is the view of the overwhelming majority of CMOMM members that the Scotland Yard investigation is a charade and a cover-up of what actually happened to Madeleine, just as Gonçalo Amaral alleged. While MMRG do not think Scotland Yard will act on the letter, MMRG will shortly send it to them, if only to prove - hopefully one day soon – that the Metropolitan Police has acted thoroughly dishonestly in pretending to conduct a genuine investigation.

In signing off, I must on behalf of myself and CMOMM say a huge ‘thank you’ to others who have helped is here and MMRG to get where we are today. I must make mention of those who have kept great libraries of information for us to use, such as pamalam, Nigel Moore’s mccannfiles, and Maddie Case Files.

I want to pay tribute to Gonçalo Amaral and his original team of detectives, who did so much – against an impossible background of intolerable international media pressure, gross interference in his investigation by the British security services, and lies and outright fabrications by many of their witnesses. Portugal can be justly proud of them.

Finally, I must - regrettably - end with a note of disgust. Just before MMRG sent their letter, I heard that the McCanns had not yet paid one penny of the court costs that were awarded against them by the Portuguese Supreme Court in January 2017. For nine years, the McCanns crusaded against Gonçalo Amaral in the courts, pushing him to one hearing after another, using money provided by the British public, supposed to be for finding Madeleine, and no doubt money from certain ‘other’ sources. Kate McCann said she wanted him to ‘feel pain’. Well, they succeeded in doing that all right.

But after nine years fighting him, they LOST. And, fourteen months later, they have not yet had the decency to pay him what the court ordered.

Utterly shameful.

To read the letter, see this link:

To read the letter in Portuguese, see this link:

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