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The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann™   

Snakes and Ladders

Verdi | Published on the 15.09.21 0:13 | 873 Views

What tragedy can befall mankind than the loss of a child, repeatedly said to be a parent's worse nightmare but it goes way beyond such a benign description of the eternal pain and suffering, the never ending fear of something that has already happened - a happening that you will live every second of every day and take to the blessed relief of the grave.

No one but no one should have to endure such pain, a pain that can't be relieved by drugs or medical intervention.  The endless sleepless nights;  the self blame;  the recriminations;  the self loathing;  the guilt;  the unimaginable heartache .... utter despair.  It's impossible to imagine how that must feel but alas, it does happen and oh too frequently.  

Death through an incurable illness or tragic accident would be impossible to bear but just think what it might be like to lose a child through some other unthinkable occurrence, something that no decent law abiding person could contemplate for even a second.  To purposely take the life of a child can only be described as the most despicable criminal act ever know to humanity.  Again, oh too frequently.

Media sources just love a real life drama, the juicier the better which in itself deplorable but it does attract attention, sometimes good publicity that may assist a criminal investigation and more often than not bad publicity, showing little or no consideration for the memory of the victim .... the child!  The media has an excuse, albeit a flimsy excuse, they are there to inform, to spread the NEWS, to keep the populace abreast of what goes on in the world but what of all the others who relentlessly try to capitalize from tragedy?

It's very difficult, if not impossible, for the average decent moralistic person to understand how anyone can so easily, with such cold calculated precision, capitalize in any way on a missing child - where is the moral fortitude that makes humanity the very fibre of life?

The victim of capatalization here is little three year old Madeleine McCann, who 'disappeared' whilst holidaying with her family in April/May 2007 - never to be seen nor heard of since that fateful holiday period.

It's not to be said that the being of the media and/or journalist is synonymous with a world of underworld crime, orchestrated by the devil incarnate, there can be little doubt that many who work in the industry are good decent human beings, with little or no skeletons to reveal but conversely, as in any profession across the board, there exists some very shady characters, with little or nothing to recommend them but shear cunning.  The former tend to be vilified by association with the latter but that little incidental is born of idle minds who can't or won't bother to research before commenting.  This is the type that command an open mind as to motive.

The all important factor for anyone wishing to commentate on current affairs .... 'research'.  Something rarely, if ever, seen by the hand of the tabloid journalists.

But the media and associated journalists are not the only element guilty of capitalizing on tragedy, as already said - they have a reasonable dictate to justify their actions.  It's the veritable clingons - anyone who will write a book, sit before the camera on a studio sofa, monetize their wares on social media, appear in documentaries.  In short, to profit by their actions!

When the news of Madeleine McCann's disappearance hit the headlines on 3rd/4th May 2007, journalists from across Europe - in particular the United Kingdom, being little Madeleine McCann was a British subject, descended on-mass to Praia da Luz to report on the missing child.   Initially, you would expect a media response with nothing but concern for the victim, money or career advancement being at the bottom of the list of priorities. That is not how the situation panned out during the early hours, no time was wasted before the wheels of profiteering and self-interest took hold.  Even to the point of interfering with the Portuguese police investigation - perverting the course of justice it could be said, a criminal act in itself.  That didn't stop the greed entering the scene from the beginning.

Investigative journalism is very commendable when undertaken with due honesty and open mindedness but that form of diligence usually comes later, when there are unanswered questions to be examined.  Not within hours of a case hitting the headlines when little or nothing is known

Indeed, one such journalist representing a UK tabloid newspaper, owned by the media magnate Rupert Murdoch, was partly responsible for highlighting concern about a local resident, Mr Robert Murat, which later led to his being named a suspect - the only suspect at that stage.  That incident was of course known early on in proceedings but it took many months and years for all the other opportunists to surface, to connect themselves in some way with the Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann.

Journalists, ex-police officers, authors, bloggers, you tubers, criminal profilers, journalist, columnists - all out to make a fast buck and/or advance their career and reputation.  No need to name names here, they know who they are and anyone who follows this case with any interest will also know who they are.  Suffice to say they write books for sale;  they appear on television chat shows;  they participate in documentaries;  they make videos marketed on YouTube;  they write newspaper articles.

It must be said, for the most part their knowledge of the case of missing Madeleine McCann is woefully lacking.  Sadly they choose to repeat and promote the version of events as reported by little Madeleine McCann's parents and their group of holiday companions.  That is months and year down the line when so much doubt has been cast over their original testimonies.  Not only by the original investigative team but also by many researchers and analysts, from all walks of life, who have diligently followed this case from the beginning.

It could be reasonably argued that such people are acting altruistically with only goodness a forethought, then it could be reasonably argued that their intentions are anything but altruistic and good by virtue.

The truth of the matter is, these people jump on the bandwagon to make money and to advance their career.  Self interest only, there is no consideration for the lost child, a child who is almost certainly no longer of this world.  At the same time covertly defending the two prime suspects, little Madeleine McCann's parents - Gerry and Kate McCann, who have yet been unwilling, unable to exonerate themselves.

How could you do that ....

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