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The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann™   

Raise the Standard High ....

Verdi | Published on the 02.03.20 23:25 | 899 Views

The years they come and the years they go, things are changing all around us -  good things bad things and in betweeners.

In the last four years the focus in Britain has been the radical departure from the shackles of the European Union, the tight lipped and all controlling self governing far reaching organisation that has rocked our lives for far too long.  The political battle has been probably the most intense in modern history, not only the fight between those in favour and those against, but in-house fighting for supremacy - not premiership but who takes the credit for finally achieving the goal and those who take the kicks for pathetically attempting to persuade themselves and the voter that it's not in our interest to leave the European Union.

But that, as they say, is history - at least history in the making.

The news headlines are hit every day with news of gloom and doom that threatens our lives, the very lives that most of us want to live in harmony, good health and well being.  Alas, the establishment don't appear to comply with our meager desires for a peaceful life.  They want us to live in fear, in dread of everything that surrounds us - they want to control our lives and our thoughts with no room for independence.  In the process, they abuse their positions by not only controlling us but at the same time diverting attention from very serious crimes within their own environment .... for whatever reason.

There is one story that monopolized the headlines for many weeks, months and years.  A tragedy that concerns the disappearance of a little three year old girl back in the spring of 2007 .... Madeleine McCann. 

Since the first headline early on 4th May 2007, not a day passed without some speculative exclusive to chew on with the toast and cornflakes - weekends being a binge, enough to play havoc with the healthiest digestive system.  Good story v. bad story, no one seemed to care, just as long as the name McCann was out there on the global man-made platform.  Journalists trying to capitalize on the tragedy;  police past and present always ready to theorize with the best intentions;  armchair detectives soaking-up every detail in the hope of solving the claimed mystery;  experts in various fields willing to give their time freely to analyse salient points of interest; writers champing at the bit for the long awaited best seller.  At the core of the tragedy something was amiss and being conveniently overlooked in favour of capitalization and sensationalism.

There is a very strong indication that this case was and still is, being controlled by the establishment - a sceptic might be inclined to think a conspiratorial cover-up.  Given the evidence in the public domain and the reaction to that evidence, people can't be reasonably criticized for negative thoughts.  There is a school of thought that a change of government might be a new chance, fresh eyes on stagnant waters that might lead to renewed interest - even an independent inquiry into when where and why.  After all these years of hope is that a realistic expectation?

So, considering the early days that were filled with news reports about missing Madeleine McCann, over the years reportage and public commentary has slowly but surely dwindled.  Once upon a time, the tabloids and broadsheets all had something to say about the tragedy of a missing three year old child.  The broadsheets have always bigger fish to fry, things that affect our lives and our futures - if there is such a thing.  The tabloids however, customarily trundled on week after week with tales of the unexpected, speculation, new leads, new sightings, new comparisons, new falsehoods - new tripe.

But even that has been diluted over a long period of time.  Then followed less frequent reports, mostly stemming from the same team of hack reporters writing for just a few of the really lowest of low tabloids regurgitating old re-hashed stories cobbled together to prolong the agony.

The parents of the missing child, Gerry and Kate McCann, seemed to mark the tenth anniversary of their missing daughter as the grand finale - the end of their long term campaign that commenced in May 2007, within hours of their daughters alleged abduction.  Along with this dwindling parental and media interest in the case, the thousands of good hearted people who cared about justice for this voiceless little girl have likewise diminished but the problem hasn't gone away - Madeleine McCann is still missing and still hasn't been honoured with the justice she so richly deserves.

It's no surprise that interest in the case has dropped.  You can't expect people to devote their entire lives to a seemingly pointless cause, a cause that has never produced any positive results as regards the authorities, as sad as it might be.  Does it have to be like that though?  Is there still a place in the hearts of all for little children who have been damaged through no fault of their own?

One thing the lesson has taught - this is not only about one little child who has been abandoned by the establishment.  It's opened up a can of worms about a sinister far reaching scandal of miscarriage of justice.  To simplify - is it really so difficult to solve the case of a little girl who was allegedly snatched from her bed in the middle of the night, leaving no trace, never to be seen or heard of again?

The case of Madeleine McCann is not unique, the name has become iconic because of the extent of media coverage and the parents desire for maximum attention - rightly or wrongly.  Certainly not from the perspective of the establishment but in the public eye the name represents the hundreds and thousands of little children who are lost and forgotten - abandoned by the establishment.  Unnamed institutionalized children, rejected by family and society, open to abuse, left to die and rot without memory.  Is that right - is that how it should be?  Do we, the public, have a moral obligation to stand-up against the injustice dealt out to voiceless children, so seriously abandoned by the establishment and the corruption there within?

The British government will continue to slap themselves on the back, deceive the public - do what they do best.  The severed relationship with the European Union will continue for the unforeseeable future, it's far from over.  Terrorism will continue, climate change will continue to dominate the headlines and of course Prince Harry and his wife will fill the gossip columns for the years to come.

Let's not allow the name Madeleine McCann to be forgotten, nor all the other lost children her name represents.  Britain is now a newly defined entity, hopefully an entirely independent nation in control of it's own interests, we are now in a position to govern our own - look after ourselves and each other, look out for our neighbours - stand united against opposition and above all else corruption in the global establishment.

Rest in peace Madeleine McCann ....

Hooray for the red white and blue!

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