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The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann™   

House of Cards

Verdi | Published on the wed Sep 04, 2019 12:07 am | 2340 Views

Aside from being a twelve year long mystery, the disappearance of three year old little Madeleine McCann has something of the burlesque about it.  Realistically, the true circumstances of the mysterious disappearance, literately off the face of the earth one might say, is probably quite straightforward.  It's very unlikely a three year old child would disappear without trace unless a third party was involved.  Alien abduction is still in the embryonic stage of scientific discovery - that can be ruled out until further notice.

Meanwhile back on terra-firma, the disappearance of Madeleine McCann remains a mystery, surrounded by a tragic theatrical performance comparable to anything William Shakespeare or Sherlock Holmes could dream-up, even on a good day.

The McCanns six friends, or acquaintances if preferred, are as much a part of this intrigue as the parents of little Madeleine - Gerry and Kate McCann. It could be argued that they were just loyal friends, looking out for their mates and so became entangled in the web of intrigue but how far exactly would a friend go to protect a friend, even a friend in need?  There must be a limit - for example if a friend is suspected of being a murderer, would it be morally correct or probable that a friendship would cover such an eventuality?  Doubtful but that's another story 

So, back to the McCann couple and their group of friends who holidayed with them that fatal week.

There can be no disputing the apparent contradictions and discrepancies between the groups respective witness statements, culminating with the documented rogatory interviews conducted by Leicestershire police almost one year later, at the request of the McCanns.  Before the Portuguese police investigation was archived, they proposed a re-enactment of the holiday in order to iron-out the statement contradictions and discrepancies, in addition to  timelines, other witness statements and reported sightings.

The McCanns had no choice but to be part of the proposed re-enactment but the stipulation made by the Portuguese police included attendance by the McCanns group of friends - without which the exercise would prove futile.  After much deliberation, the group of friends declined to participate - having consulted officers of the PJ and their own lawyers they decided a re-enactment in Portugal wasn't going to assist the search and/or investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance.  It was also recorded and widely reported, they thought they were being set-up despite having been told exactly how their attendance would proceed and what was required of them, where and when.

For this reason alone, a re-enactment by the Portuguese police never happened.  This incident alone raises an eyebrow or two, what true friend would refuse to assist an investigation into a missing three year old child - unless they themselves have something to hide.  So, the McCanns group of six friends are indeed an integral part of this web of intrigue.

The scenario is further confounded by the McCanns themselves.  In the very early stages they were very insistent that a Crimewatch UK type reconstruction be carried-out, for what reason they never made quite clear - first and foremost as the crime, for that is what this is, was committed in Portugal so what use would a Crimewatch UK reconstruction be?  Still nothing ventured nothing gained , they continued to insist until they were offered a handful of crumbs by way of a mention on UK national television.  Then as time progressed, following the McCanns return to the UK in September 2007, only hours after they were declared arguidos (persons of interest - or suspects), they later embarked on a reconstruction all of their very own - a return to Portugal by a small contingent to film, as Kate McCann might say  .... her version of the truth.

Six years later, after the case was referred to London's Metropolitan Police by the UK Prime Minister and Home Secretary incumbent - during a Crimewatch Madeleine McCann Special, a reconstruction was presented, using an unknown location, actors and above all else,  the McCann's version of the truth.  In short, the reconstruction was based on the group's witness statements - the very statements the Portuguese thought pertinent to iron-out with the process of a re-enactment.

The McCanns and their adherents have built a house of cards so precarious it could be blown to smithereens with but a temperate zenith - so why hasn't it?  Because the mortar is made of reinforced concrete, so durable that even hurricane Higgins couldn't knock it down?

Along with the production of a Crimewatch UK style reconstruction, perhaps it might be of advantage to have a sequel in the form of The House of Cards?  As the proceedings so far have followed the lines of a Grimm fairytale, the plot could be .... 'I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down'.


King of Spades - Professor Gerald McCann
Queen of Hearts - Ex-Doctor Kate McCann
Jack of Clubs - Professor Gerald McCann
The Joker - Clarence Mitchell
The Ace - Professor Gerald McCann
The Pack (pre-shuffled) - Jane Tanner, Russell O'Brien, Matthew Oldfield, David Payne, Fiona Payne, Rachel Oldfield.

The future will hold many television and big screen adaptations of the story of Madeleine McCanns disappearance.  Block-busters, small screen films, series, mini-series, documentaries - that's guaranteed, albeit in the short or long term.  Without doubt romanticized with little or no consideration for truth.  Just as long as it tells a compelling story and sells.

It's difficult to understand how the life of a little three year old child can be the object of such deception and profiteering.  Mrs Kate McCann said numerous times during videoed interviews, she feels most people are inherently good.  Well, let's just hope for the sake of little Madeleine McCann's memory, that be true.  To be sure, those directly involved with her disappearance and subsequent delusion are anything but inherently good.

We'll huff and we'll puff and we'll blow your house down .....

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