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The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann™   

Why so many paedophiles linked to the Madeleine McCann case?

Jill Havern | Published on the 04.06.19 12:40 | 1712 Views

The Queen's New Years Honours List is more like the Child Sex Offenders register.

Posted on the CMOMM forum:

Sir Cyril Smith...

Sir Jimmy Savile...

Sir Clement Freud...

Sir Philip Green...

Lord Greville Janner

Sir Edward Heath

Sir 'Kitty' Richard (allegedly)

Sir Elton John - pending

Under what circumstances do these people get their honours in the first place?

Along with News International and Missing People facing financial difficulty, (almost to the point of closure) in 2006, we have Tony Blair and Lord Levy being questioned in the cash for honours scandal.

I find it odd that these elite and honoured paedophiles have to die before being exposed, is that because they know something? Could that something be that they made illegal and undisclosed loans to Tony Blairs' government?

After all, it was Blair who panicked and sent the head of his media monitoring unit out to assist the McCanns. Cherie Blair was already involved with Catherine Meyer and her PACT charity. Kate McCann engaged in direct telephone conversations with Cherie Blair (not her PA, as you would expect). Gordon Brown who interfered in the McCann case was soon to take over from Blair, was he acting under Blairs' orders?

Matthew Freud, son of Clement Freud, has just separated from his wife, Elizabeth Murdoch (daughter of Rupert Murdoch)

Rupert Murdoch owns, amongst many other newspapers, News International and The Sun

Rebekah Brook was CEO of The Sun - it is she who blackmailed David Cameron into setting up Operation Grange

From this, it is clear that somehow:

Tony Blair
Cherie Blair
Gordon Brown
Rupert Murdoch
Elizabeth Murdoch
Matthew Freud
Sir Clement Freud
Rebekah Brooks
Clarence Mitchell
Missing People
News International
The McCanns

Are all connected by something sinister

As for these highly honoured paedophiles - could they be members of the Spartacus Club?

Does the Spartacus Club operate in PDL?

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