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The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann™   

Madeleine McCann Research Group (MMRG) Mission Statement

Verdi | Published on the 24.05.19 14:04 | 1079 Views

MMRG was set up several years ago to bring together the best of original research on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The group includes many CMOMM members.

MMRG supports the overall conclusion of the Portuguese Police (PJ) and Gonçalo Amaral, namely that Madeleine died in her parents’ apartment, and that there has been a cover-up of the true facts of her death by the McCanns, their Tapas 7 friends, and by government security services. However, through patient research by the group, and using the best research by others, MMRG respectfully disagrees with the PJ’s conclusion that Madeleine died from an accident after 5.30pm on Thursday 3 May 2007, the day Madeleine was reported missing. MMRG’s belief is that Madeleine died much earlier that week. Many facts have emerged during the past 12 years that MMRG now believes are wholly inconsistent with her death on 3 May.

In this section we will also bring back to CMOMM the best of the original research carried out by the Madeleine Foundation before 2013 by revisiting - updating and re-working - many of the detailed research articles published by the Madeleine Foundation between 2008 and 2012. Many of these had to be withdrawn because of libel action by the McCanns, using top libel lawyers Carter-Ruck, who describe themselves as 'Britain's most feared libel lawyers'. Please bookmark this section and return here as the section fills with detailed articles on subjects rarely tackled elsewhere.

* * * * *

Please note that this new forum is a read-only Reference Forum - comments are not allowed - but should anyone wish to discuss anything, or bring to our attention any discrepancies, that is posted in this section then you can do so by following the link to the original thread, where appropriate, that will be posted at the end of the articles.

Please also bear in mind that this new forum is under construction and will be continually developed and updated. It is my wish, as forum owner, that this new section will be the most important for CMOMM as we showcase just how pro-active we've been over the years in our desire to seek justice for Madeleine McCann.

* * * * *

To give you an idea of what I'm aiming to achieve with this new forum it might be an idea for me to explain its purpose.

First of all CMOMM is the main forum, but this new forum is designed completely differently and it is a Forum within a Forum and it is about the MMRG so it has an initial Category named ''CMOMM & MMRG 10 Years On' and then it has Forums and Sub-forums (MMRG). For established members you will be aware of CMOMM's work, but new members will not be aware of how CMOMM came to be, what we have done so far, and what we aim to achieve with our sub-research group (MMRG).

Its layout is this - and as you can see from the Table of Contents, its potential is just as vast as CMOMM itself:

Table of Contents (links are clickable):
A work in progress

CMOMM 10 Years On

Forum: Our Mission

About our researchers, campaigners, authors etc.

How it all began

Forum: The accomplishments of CMOMM and its members

Public awareness
Campaigns for justice

Forum: Publications

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Forum: Leaflets

Madeleine McCann Research Group (MMRG) - 50 Facts Leaflets
Madeleine Foundation Leaflets

Forum: Articles

The Madeleine McCann Research Group (MMRG) - Articles
Tony Bennett
Portuguese journalist Paul Reis
Ex-pat journalist Natasha Donn, editor Portugal Resident


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Forum: Videos, Films and Documentaries

Richard D. Hall (Buried by Mainstream Media)
Joana Morais (xklamation)
Podcasts featuring MMRG members
CMOMM members videos

Forum: Research

Official documents

FOI Requests and Responses

Forum: Evidence obtained

The weather in Praia da Luz
The creche records
The phone records
Catriona Baker
Mrs Pamela Fenn and Carole Tranmer
Robert Murat
The Smith sighting that never was
No evidence that Madeleine was seen after Sunday 29th April 2007
The unusual behaviour of the the McCanns
Rebuttal of The McCanns (and T7s) attempts to claim Madeleine was alive on Thursday 3rd May 2007

Forum: Our evidence submitted to the Portuguese Attorney-General

Forum: The conclusions of CMOMM researchers and associates

Forum: Going forward

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