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It's A Fair Cop

Verdi | Published on the 13.02.19 0:28 | 2300 Views

Or is it? 

Whatever became of former DCI Andy Redwood, the senior Metropolitan Police officer who retired prematurely - at least before the questionable 'investigation' into the disappearance of little three year old Madeleine McCann was concluded.

Could Andy Redwood  possibly have foreseen the longevity of this unsolved case, so decided to cash-in his pension in December 2014, less than a year since the Operation Grange had upgraded from inquiry into full blown investigation - or could he have thrown in the towel early for some other reason?  Or could he have possibly foreseen some awkward unanswerable questions being asked by decent people who look to see justice for the little lost child Madeleine?

I doubt this will ever be known but it doesn't just disappear for want of an explanation.  It is clear that Operation Grange, under the chieftainship of former DCI Andy Redwood, were not working in accord with the official police investigation - the Portuguese Policia Judiciara.  That simple fact is apparent by the Metropolitan Police's failure to recognize key evidence harvested by the Portuguese police that implicated the parents, Gerry and Kate McCann.

In October 2013, the BBC produced a Crimewatch Special in conjunction with Operation Grange - allegedly an update on the quasi-legal investigation.  It's essential to watch the YouTube video of this production in order to understand the inaccurate portrayal of the case of Madeleine McCann's disappearance compared to the official police files released into the public arena when the Portuguese investigation was archived back in the summer of 2008, just over one year after Madeleine's disappearance.

The British establishment even allowed the media to mercilessly vilify the Portuguese cop, assigned to coordinate the official investigation, without contest for just doing his job.  It seemed viewing the parents with suspicion based on evidence alone was not to be tolerated.  To add insult to injury, that evidence was the very evidence that Operation Grange chose to ignore.

Why would that be?  Why would Britain's finest - once reckoned to be the finest force in the world, blatantly ignore vital evidence in the disappearance of a little child?  The minor detail is important but doesn't detract from the raw travesty of justice - vital evidence was ignored by Operation Grange under the leadership of former DCI Andy Redwood.  Worryingly, there is strong evidence that not only was key evidence ignored but false evidence was introduced to steer the quasi-legal investigation conducted by the Metropolitan Police under the guise of Operation Grange, to exonerate the prime suspects.

So ex-DCI Andy Redwood took early retirement in the middle of an active review/investigation into the disappearance of a three year old child.  Some ex-police officers take a career change by becoming media personalities, the more genuine turn their expertise to consultancy work, to private investigation, to writing or the more sensible move - a life of luxury.

Where are you now Mr Andy Redwood?

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