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Clarence Mitchell: Candid on Camera

Verdi | Published on the 17.03.18 0:57 | 1244 Views

Clarence Mitchell, former Director of the UK government's Media Monitoring Unit, has a unique story to tell in this web of intrigue.

The stories relating to how Clarence Mitchell met Gerry McCann are manifold, the most widely accepted being taken from Clarence Mitchell's own words during his witness interview recorded on 28th April 2008..

"I met Gerry at the end of May 2007 when he returned to the UK after his daughter's disappearance. It was a circumstantial meeting at Leicestershire Police station. At the time I was working as part of the Consular Assistance Group, representing the foreigners department. I was asked to return to Portugal with Mr McCann, where I met his wife. Later I became the McCann family's representative and I developed a good personal and professional relationship with them."

Not only does Mitchell freely admit his personal relationship with Gerry and Kate McCann, he also made the following statement at the time of his resignation from the Media Monitoring Unit, just after Gerry and Kate McCann were declared arguidos (persons of interest/suspects) by the Portuguese authorities..

"I have done so simply because I feel so strongly that they are the innocent victims of a heinous crime that I am prepared to forgo my career in government service to assist them. I will simply be representing Katie and Gerry as a private individual, one who believes utterly that they are innocent of any involvement in the disappearance, let alone the death, of their daughter, Madeleine."

Mmmm well, so there you have it, a brief introduction to man who effectively abandoned life in order to dedicate his time and energy in support of two people who were, and still are, the prime suspects in the disappearance of their own three year old daughter. Such was Mr Mitchell's dedication and friendship that he repeatedly appeared before the world's media as a staunch adherent to the McCanns defence league. There was a media blitz at some stage that claimed Clarence Mitchell had been sacked by the McCanns - tch tch, after all he'd done for them. Still, storm in a teacup, to this very day Mr Mitchell is always at hand when the need arises, either in name or as a source close to the family/investigation.

This enigmatic individual and his media appearances deserve a corner all of it's own on CMoMM - so here it is. What better way to start off..

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