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The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann™   

A compendium of lawyers used so far by the McCanns

Get\'emGonçalo | Published 19.08.17 22:41 | 1600 Views

by Tony Bennett on Thu 15 Nov 2012 - 22:18

This list may not be complete:

1. EDWARD SMETHURST (Freemason) from Rochdale (also holidays at Praia da Luz every year) -McCanns' co-ordinating lawyer AND Director of 'Find Madeleine Fund' -

Est. Value of services rendered so far at say £300 per hour, say 1,500 hours: £450,000

2. BATES, WELLS & BRAITHWAITE (do much work for Freemasons), lawyers for the Find Madeleine Fund -

See Find Madeleine Fund annual accounts, approx. £300,000 so far

3. & 4. ADAM TUDOR & ISOBEL MARTORELL from Carter-Ruck -

Several threats of libel actions, libel letters and libel claim

Estimated value of services rendered so far: £600,000

Costs recouped (from libel claim against media): £300,000

Damages gained: £550,000

PLUS: Over £200,000 for trying to send Tony Bennett to prison [added by Admin 2 Feb 2013]

5. ANGUS McBRIDE, solicitor from Kingsley Napley who took McCanns down to Kingsley Napley on 14.9.07 - advised on the McCanns' arguido status: criminal lawayer

Estimated value of services rendered so far at say £500 per hour: 200 hours =£100,000

6. MICHAEL CAPLAN Q.C., top extradition barrister -

Estimated value of services rendered so far at say £1,000 per hour: 60 hours = £60,000

7. ISOBEL DUARTE, acts for McCanns in Portugal against Dr Amaral -

Estimated fees so far, for running libel claim for 3.5 years against Dr Amaral and several hearings: say £300,000

PLUS Costs of paying Dr Amaral's costs at the McCanns' two unsuccessful appeals in Portuguese Appeal and Supreme Courts against the banning of Dr Amaral's book, 'The Truth about a Lie' say £50,000

8. CARLOS PINTO DE ABREU, Gerry's main Portuguese lawyer -

Estimated value of services rendered so far at say £300 per hour: 500 hours = £1,500,000

9. ROGERIO ALVES, Portuguese lawyer for Kate -

Estimated value of services rendered so far at say £300 per hour: 100 hours = £300,000

10. INTERNATIONAL FAMILY LAW GROUP - helped McCanns apply for Madeleine to be made a Ward of Court May 2007 -

Value of help rendered in applying for Madeleine McCann to be made Ward of Court and further applications in the High Court, say a minumum of £30,000

11. JACOB DEAN, McCanns' libel barrister -

Fees to date say £50,000

12. MARCOS ARAGAO CORREIA, strange Madeira lawyer who acted for McCanns in criminal proceedings brought by murderess-of-her-own-daughter Leonor Cipriano against Dr Amaral...

Paid via Metodo 3, estimate: £50,000 to £100,000

13. GEOFFREY ROBINSON QC, Human rights lawyer, made a declaration regarding the E.U. 'Child Rescue Alert'

Value not known, say £10,000

14. HOWES PERCIVAL, commercial law from from Milton Keynes with 6 offices, unclear precisely what work he did for the McCanns

Value not known, say £10,000

15. STEPHENSON HARWOOD, London EC4, an international firm, not clear what work they did for the McCanns

Value not known, say £10,000

16. TIMOTHY SCOTT QC, Family lawyer, London WC1, advised the McCanns in 2008...

Value not known, say £10,000

17. ADRIENNE PAGE Q.C., 5 RAYMOND BUILDINGS, top libel barrister sent in to help crush Tony Bennett at contempt of court trial (added by Admin, 2 Feb 2013)

Value: £32,000 for 2 days' work


...I feel sure I've missed at least one more out somewhere...

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