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The SIX photos that provide the biggest clue to when Madeleine died

Ref. the black and white playground pic Hi-D-H posted #18

IMO it looks Mr & Mrs in the photo.   Mrs looks to me as though she has one hand on a pushchair and it looks like A. sitting in the pushchair and turning to the side to look at her daddy with her arms outstretched.
by plebgate
on 30.12.17 11:46
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Topic: The SIX photos that provide the biggest clue to when Madeleine died
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'Suspect/Sighting of the Day': A list of known suspects in the Madeleine McCann case

Witness Testimony Derek Flack 06/05/2007 Portimao
He Comes to the case as a witness following the events on the morning or early afternoon of 2nd or 3rd May (last Wednesday or Thursday) which might have a bearing on the present investigation.
--- As he does not write of speak Portuguese he is assisted by an interpreter, G.L.C. de Jesus, at the request of the PJ.
--- Relating to the events of the present investigation he states that he owns a holiday home on Rua do Ramalhete in Praia da Luz where he spends extended holiday periods in our country together with his long-time common-law partner of 36 years, C.M.Dale.
--- They both arrived in our country on the early morning of 29 April 2007 having stayed at the above residence.
--- Subsequently, on the late morning or early afternoon of either 2nd or 3rd May, not being certain which, the deponent and his partner were out walking in the vicinity of their home.
--- Asked, he does not recall the exact route taken but they went up from their home to Rua Dr. Agostinho da Silva then down Rua Dr. Francsico Gentil Martins where the "Ocean Club Gardens" is situated.
--- At that time as they passed the residential block he noticed a light commercial vehicle, (in all respects the same as an Opel Corsa Van), white in colour but dirty, with only one side window in the 'hanging' [sliding panel?] door, but not knowing the exact make, model or other identifying characteristics - including the number plate.
--- Everything considered he judged it to be an old model.
--- When going down the [Rua Martins] he passed an individual standing on his left at the beginning of a path and at the entrance of a small car park opposite the reception of the resort.
--- At the point they passed the individual the deponent had seen him face-on because he [the man] was facing the opposite direction to which he [the deponent] was walking, and appearing to be watching attentively movements [occurring] adjacent to the parked vehicle.
--- Asked, the deponent said that he noticed the above because he had a high instinct for vigilance [observation, watchfulness] due to his participation where he lived in England in a neighbourhood-watch in which suspicious persons or movements were watched for and detected to maintain order, unlike his partner who detected nothing of such incidents.
--- Hence, he was aware that the man's attention was fixed on the area in question [adjacent to the the van] in such a way that he [the man] was unaware of the deponent's presence.
--- Urged to describe the man, the deponent said he was Caucasian, dark-skinned, medium stature, 1,70 to 1,75m tall, about 25 to 35 years old.
--- Adding that the man had dark and thick hair but with no noticeable fringe [at the front].
--- Regarding [the man's] apparel he adds that he didn't observe this in detail, judging that [the man] wore a plain T-shirt, possibly yellow.
--- The deponent wished to clarify that he was convinced that the man was not one of the many tourists who frequented that area, considering his features and physical appearance.
--- Asked, [the deponent] said that, initially, he had associated the man with the van because [the man] had looked deliberately [intently?] at the area around it.
--- Notwithstanding [the above], having learned of the disappearance of MBM on 3 May from inside one of the resort residences mentioned above, he linked the two and that was the reason he came forward to the police.
--- Asked to justify [elaborate further] he said that the van was situated close to the gateway on the side of the building [which gateway] led to to the veranda of the apartment in question [apartment 5A].
--- Hence, one could conclude that the man was monitoring the movements next to that gate and, possibly, of the interior of the apartment.
--- For the rest, he adds that after having reflected specifically on the incidents he concluded that it was the man's deliberate focus [fixation] on the area in which the events that gave rise to the investigation occurred.
--- Urged to reveal details about the area around the van, the deponent could not be certain if the vehicle was directly next to, slightly above or slightly below, the gateway.
--- However, he was certain that it was a very short distance from, and directly in the path of the gate.
--- Asked, aside from what he reported above, he did not recall having seen the man before in that vicinity or any other place, nor caught the slightest glimpse of him since the crime that victimised the minor Madeleine.
--- The deponent is not sure if he would recognise him again in the event that they should meet.
--- Based on the above description image likeness [e-fit] #18/2007 is attached.
--- Finally, having been asked, he states that he intends to return to England next Saturday, 12 May 2007.
by Jill Havern
on 14.10.17 10:53
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Topic: 'Suspect/Sighting of the Day': A list of known suspects in the Madeleine McCann case
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Goncalo Amaral backer CARLOS ANJOS ***VINDICATED*** as Portuguese Appeal Court says Ana Saltao DID kill her husband's grandmother

Some comments from Textusa on my CMOMM facebook page:

  • Maria Santos Isabel Oliveira's reaction to this in another FB group:

    Isabel Oliveira Quote from the post :
    " Unsurpringly, one Portuguese citizen wrote tonight: "Honestly, sometimes it seems that Portuguese courts or Portuguese justice system are in the age of when dinosaurs ruled the earth".

    Another social commentator wrote: "Utterly bizarre - staggering and terrifying that supposed judges could come out with a statement like "the chances that she had committed the crime were 'very low', although they could not confirm with certainty that she was innocent. Absolutely crazy. I have never heard of such behaviour in democracies before".

    I shall make only one remark, if really we were on dinosaur age the Relação court would not have reviewed the sentence and convicted Mrs Saltão. Also the first instance trial in Coimbra was a jury trial ( 4 jurors selected by defence and public ministry and 3 judges). this is done on request of the defendant and relatively rare in Portugal . The Jury Tribunal decided after analysing all that , the "in dubio pro reo " principle should prevail . Totally agree . Within the scope of all existing doubts re evidence , it was not sufficient for the court to convict her but also it was not sufficient to declare her innocent. In doubt , the court absolved her ( did not convict ) " Com todas as dúvidas, não foi suficiente para o Tribunal a considerar culpada, mas também é insuficiente para a declarar inocente. E, na dúvida, absolveu-a. "

    Jurors acted within the scope of the law and it is a danger that such trials pose when non legally trained individuals enter the decision process . They tend to follow the letter of the law inflexibly and rigorously . There were doubts and the inspector was absolved .

    Carlos Anjos knows the legal risk he incurs when commenting as they did on such cases on national TV as does HC and SIC so they're no martyrs here.

    One couldn't resist the temptation to slash the Portuguese judicial again and frankly I can't resist replying , yet again as well .
    46 mins · Like · 1

  • Maria Santos As for myself I would like to point out that Anjos was not wronged with the decision of the 1st instance court.

    Nor were Pinheiro or Carvalho. Both were brought into the process by Saltão. Their libel process, although factually related (Saltão alleges comments made on a TV show about trial were libellous) are legally independent.

    The only ones wronged with the decision of the 1st instance court. were PJ and the Public Ministry. They were the only ones who could have been vindicated. And they weren't, not yet as I'll explain later.

    Both PJ and Public Ministry part of a system previously called corrupt and incompetent and now referred to as from the dinosaur age. As is the Appeal's Court.

    I wish people would finally grasp that in any legal process "it's only over when the fat lady sings" (with the due apologies to all overweight women).

    That said, to say that PJ and Public Ministry were vindicated is as wrong as Saltão suing Pinheiro and Carvalho based on the decision of the 1st instance court.. There's still the decision from Supreme Court to which, I think, Saltão filed an appeal.

    Until then any celebrations are premature.
    9 mins · Edited · Like · 2

  • Maria Santos To be very clear, Júlia Pinheiro and Hernani Carvalho may still be sentenced in their libel trial after this overturning decision by the Appeal's Court.
    When they said what they said the presumption of innocence was in place.
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  • Maria Santos Lastly, Isabel Oliveira provided a significant help to my post Dura Lex Sed Lex:

    Textusa: Dura Lex Sed Lex
    Great post. I was particullarly comforted by your response to #18. Its to scary to comptemplate that...|By Textusa

    21 mins · Like · Remove Preview
by Jill Havern
on 29.08.15 18:34
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Topic: Goncalo Amaral backer CARLOS ANJOS ***VINDICATED*** as Portuguese Appeal Court says Ana Saltao DID kill her husband's grandmother
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