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Baby's death in car now being treated as murder

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Re: Baby's death in car now being treated as murder

Post by PeterMac on 06.07.14 13:33

One of the reasons is that his computer shows searches for "how long a child can survive in a hot car"

Who had the book about "How to hide a corpse"



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Re: Baby's death in car now being treated as murder

Post by Guest on 06.07.14 13:46

It seems there's also CCTV, showing that he went back to the car halfway the day ... I have no patience with people murdering people, especially not parents killing their children. But how someone can chose such a coward and cruel way, is completely beyond me !

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Re: Baby's death in car now being treated as murder

Post by lj on 06.07.14 14:54

They were pretty quick on to him. 

I am really not sure about the wife's involvement. Some reactions seem a bit off.

BTW their family and friends maintaining they were model parents!

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry

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Re: Baby's death in car now being treated as murder

Post by Praiaaa on 06.07.14 14:58

@lj wrote:
BTW their family and friends maintaining they were model parents!

sounds familiar.
no-one knows what goes on behind closed doors.


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Re: Baby's death in car now being treated as murder

Post by Guest on 06.07.14 16:41

It does not bear thinking of how this little boy must have suffered.

Words fail me that this might have been a planned act.

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Re: Baby's death in car now being treated as murder

Post by lj on 06.07.14 20:40

Thinking that the dad looked up and looked at videos of this type of death. 
God things like this make me go an eye for an eye .......

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry

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Re: Baby's death in car now being treated as murder

Post by Guest on 06.07.14 21:08

@lj wrote:Thinking that the dad looked up and looked at videos of this type of death. 
God things like this make me go an eye for an eye .......

I know what you mean. I'm vehemently opposed to the death penalty, but some people really, really try your patience.

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Re: Baby's death in car now being treated as murder

Post by Hobs on 07.07.14 2:26

We are following and analysing this case on Peter Hyatt's blog.
I have posted the links and posts here, it is also interesting to read through the comments as between us we pick up much more information, seeing things others have missed or, because of our own personal experiences in life, catching something that someone who hasn't experienced a particular event/situation would not be as sensitive to in regards to expected/unexpected behavior.

Please feel free to have a browse though the various cases and examples, and please feel free to comment on anything that is of interest to you or that you notice is strange/unexpected etc.
The more eyes the better.

Leanna Harris Under Investigation

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution with extra comments and analysis in bold type.
Leanna Harris’ husband, prosecutors alleged Thursday, had two sides: Churchgoing family man and another, darker persona, one that compelled Ross Harris to knowingly leave their 22-month-old son to die, locked inside a sweltering SUV.
Based on her own, sometimes confounding words, along with evidence disclosed at her spouse’s explosive probable cause hearing Thursday, many are wondering whether there’s another side to Leanna Harris.
The 30-year-old dietitian, who two years ago moved to Cobb from Tuscaloosa, Ala., has not been charged with any crimes. But police have disclosed that, like her husband, she had researched children dying in hot vehicles prior to her son Cooper’s death, telling officers it was her “worst fear.” On average, 38 kids die each year after being trapped inside automobiles, according to
Investigators described her behavior the day of her son Cooper’s death as odd, if not suspicious.
When informed by workers at her son’s daycare facility that Cooper had never been dropped off, she calmly responded, “Ross must have left him in the car. There’s no other explanation,” according to Cobb County Police Det. Phil Stoddard’s testimony on Thursday.
Then, when reunited with her husband at Cobb police headquarters after he had been charged with murder, Leanna Harris asked him, “Did you say too much?” according to Stoddard.
“There isn’t enough to make her a co-conspirator … yet,” said criminal defense lawyer Esther Panitch.
Whatever Leanna Harris’ role winds up being in this case — witness, defendant or supportive wife — prosecutors and the public are taking note of her public actions. What they’ve seen so far is stoicism that seems at odds with what has become a public tragedy.
She has expressed little emotion throughout. At Thursday’s hearing, she started blankly ahead, chewing gum, as prosecutors delivered one bombshell after another.
When she called home June 18 with the grim news of Cooper’s death, her mother could be overheard on the phone: “Why aren’t you crying? Why aren’t you reacting?
Her response, according to Stoddard: “I must be in shock.”
Then there was her eulogy at Cooper’s funeral last Saturday in Tuscaloosa. To those who don’t know her, Leanna Harris’ comment that she wouldn’t bring her son back, even if she could, seemed suspicious.
He’s in the most peaceful, wonderful place there is, ” Leanna Harris said.
But the 250 or so mourners who gathered at University Church of Christ gave her two rounds of applause, and Harris’ statement is not unusual among the deeply religious who believe the afterlife is God’s greatest gift.
Still, it’s clear, according to veteran legal observers, that police are looking at Leanna Harris’ potential culpability in her son’s death. On Thursday Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds said the investigation continues and “much work remains,” though he offered no details on where their probe may be headed.
Knowledge of a crime isn’t prosecutable. A cover-up is,” said Panitch.

Note:  since when is inaction when there is knowledge of a crime not prosecutable?
But if, as many increasingly believe, her husband ends up facing more significant murder charges, prosecutors may seek to use Leanna Harris as a witness. In Georgia, the spousal privilege shielding a wife from testifying against her husband, and vice-versa, doesn’t apply in cases of domestic violence or death of a child.
She needs to make a deal before the state finds more evidence against her,” Panitch said.
So far, Leanna Harris has remained loyal to her husband of seven years. At Cooper’s funeral, she said she holds no anger towards him.
“Ross is and was a wonderful father,” she said. As Ross Harris listened from jail on speaker phone, his wife told him, “I love you and I’m doing this for you.”
It’s unclear whether Leanna Harris knew then of her spouse’s “sexting” habits, first disclosed publicly during Thursday’s hearing. Friends and family shielded her from reporters as she left the courtroom and insist she’s a woman of strong faith who treasured her role as wife and mother. Ross Harris’ half-brother, Randy Michael Baygents, a police officer for nearly two decades, said Thursday had Ross Harris been released on bond he would have returned home.
What you saw here is what is truly in her,” the Harris’ pastor, David Eldridge, said at Cooper’s funeral. “There is an example here for all of us on how to deal with things.”
Christian churches have a reputation for being easily deceived, because some teach that being discerning is the same as being "judgmental" , which it is not.  The half quote, "judge not lest ye be judged" forgets the second part, "but when ye judge..." in the admonition to use righteousness as the measurement of judgement.  
This is not just in the Christian community, but we saw this in the homosexual community where no one would question the statement of Charlie Rogers, neither in the homosexual community, nor outside the homosexual community. 
 Body language analysts remained silent until she was arrested.  Suddenly, everyone "saw" her deception.  
Her eulogy was part memorial, part confessional.
“Some of you might wonder how I’m standing here today and I ask myself the same question,” Leanna Harris said. “I should be crumpled into a pile of tears and snot on the ground. He is standing behind me, holding me up.”
He also said, "Thou shalt not kill"
"Some" may not wonder.  
She spoke of her difficulties getting pregnant and her awkward teen years.
Narcissism noted 
Junior high and senior high — they weren’t the happiest times,” she said, listing heartbreaks her son would be spared. “He won’t have to suffer through the death of his (grandparents). He won’t have to suffer through the death of me and Ross.”
Hence the justification for killing their son.  She praised Ross as the "leader" who took the steps, but then apparently "said too much" to police.


Ross Harris On His Career

another Reddit posting by Harris

"I have always had a love for the web and the different technologies involved, so I knew I had to pursue it. 
I was 27, working in law enforcement in Alabama on the midnight shift and I just knew something had to change. 
I didn't hate my job by any means, but it wasn't really what I wanted to do. So my wife and I were sitting at the dinner table one night, crunched the numbers
considering our income would be cut in half, and decided that I would quit work and go back to school. 

I already knew that I wanted to major in Management Information Systems from the University of Alabama because it is a very highly ranked and well respected program. 

So in the summer of 2009, I quit the police dept to focus on school full time. 

For three years I went to school full time fall, spring, and ever summer. 

Worked a small student job with lots of freedom so I was allowed to focus on honing in on my HTML, CSS, and JS through freelance and student work projects. 
I took an internship the summer of 2011 with a very large fortune 50 company in Atlanta with their Front End Web Dev team. 
In August of 2011, they made me an offer of employment to return in June 2012 upon graduation. 

So in January of 2012, I sold my house and we moved in with my mother in law. 
In May of 2012, I finally achieved my lifelong dream of graduating college with a B.S. in Commerce and Business Administration with 
a concentration in Management Information Systems from the University of Alabama. 

Being the first person in my family to graduate college was nothing short of amazing, it felt great walking across that stage. 
So literally the next day after commencement, I moved everything I had including a 7 month pregnant wife to Marietta, GA where we currently reside. 
I am now in my dream job, have a beautiful 6 month old son, and love going to work everyday. 
I couldn't be happier. And that is how I got in to professional web development :)
TL;DR: Quite law enforcement, Went back to school, Took an job in Atlanta"


Cooper Harris: Attempts to Free Himself?

With nods to Casey Anthony, let's hope that prosecutors do not allow Ross Harris' sex life to become the focal point in a murder trial.  Tangents are tangents, and not justice.

Although it speaks to the callousness of his character, much like Casey Anthony's dancing while Caylee was alleged to have been "missing", we see how under informed jurors can be easily distracted from the topic in hand, or possess no ability to follow an argument.

Here we learn that Cooper likely suffered in an attempt to free himself from his father's death trap, scratching at his face and banging his head.

When Leanna Harris arrived at the Little Apron daycare center, she was told her son never arrived, Stoddard testified.
His mother then said her husband must have left him in the car.
After being questioned at police headquarters, the couple were briefly reunited, the detective said.
“Did you say too much?” Leanna Harris asked her husband, according to Stoddard.
The father told investigators he had taken his boy to breakfast at a fast-food restaurant, then drove to work forgetting Cooper was in the car.

Cooper Harris, seen here with his dad, scratched his face and banged his head, a police detective testified, most likely in a vain attempt to escape his car seat and the blistering hot SUV he was trapped in.
The drive was less than a mile and took 30 to 40 seconds, Stoddard told the court.
After sexting at his Home Depot job, Harris went to lunch with his co-workers, bought some light bulbs, and went to his car, opened the driver’s door and threw them in, authorities said.
Harris claims he didn’t see his child.
Stoddard testified that the belts on Cooper’s car seat were set at the tightest possible setting and that the car seat was facing toward the rear, a position usually used only for infants.
Cooper’s head was plainly visible above the seat, Stoddard said.
Justin Ross Harris has been charged with murder and cruelty to children for leaving his 22-month-old child in this car for more than seven hours in a Marietta, Ga., parking lot.





The dad’s recent online activity included researching how long it took for a child to die in a hot car.
Harris has been charged with murder and child cruelty. He was denied bail Thursday.
His wife has not been charged.


Ross Harris On Abortion

He killed his son, just before his son's second birthday and here he argues against abortion.  The statement should produce some interesting comments...

You clearly know nothing about the issue so just shut your mouth and keep to yourself

This comment only shows your own ignorance. I know plenty about abortion, and just because my opinion differs from yours, you feel the need to say such a comment? I feel very strongly about this issue and I will not keep it to myself. If people kept their opinions to themselves, there would still be slavery, suffrage, abolitionism, etc...

Don't have the means to support the child

Having an abortion because of #1 only validates my argument. Because abortion in my mind is killing a child, you're going to do it just because you can't support it? Yeah that sounds pretty terrible to me. Sex is scientifically designed for one thing and that's to reproduce. Does it feel good? Yes but it's just a side effect. If you can't support children, don't have sex, don't have abortions.

Health of the mother

This is actually a grey area for me. And there are other circumstances that I have some very mixed opinions about when it comes to abortion and life threatening illness during pregnancy.

Sure, some people don't give a shit, walk in and out and go on with their lives, but with most people it's a very difficult decision.

These are the people I'm talking about. They go in, get one, don't care about the life they just ended, and live with a heavy conscience most of the time.
Again, I base all my opinions on the idea that abortion is ending the life of a child. I'm not saying it's murder because our laws say it isn't, and I'm find with that. That's why we have a free government to get laws changed if we feel strongly enough about them. But I do firmly believe that abortion is the killing of a unborn child. Although I am religious, it has nothing to do with religion for me.

You're kidding right? Killing a person (in the sense of abortion) is selfish and malicious with the intent of only satisfying you're own personal agenda. The killing of animals is intended for purposes of food distribution. Which, even from a biblical standpoint, is why they are here. Granted I know that it is a for profit business, but it's where I get my protein. Killing an unborn child is only for the purpose of convenience.

The reason most religious people believe abortion is wrong is because they fall on the side that it's the killing of a child. Personally and scientifically to me this would be the case. But religion aside, I think taking the life of an unborn child is wrong. So if I personally believe, without any religious influence, that abortion of the killing of a child, why shouldn't I fight it tooth and nail?


Statement Analysis: I Love You

In the case of Ross Harris, the detective testified on 3 points which we have covered in Statement Analysis:

Praise for parenting

I love you

Kissing Goodbye

Harris told the detective what a "wonderful" father he was, and how he kissed his son and said, "I love you."

The detective was quoting Harris' statement upon arriving at the scene.

In Statement Analysis, we flag "I love you" being stated as troublesome.  This is a good example of why.

We all say "I love you" to our children at night.  Few, however, feel the need to make a statement about this to others, particularly to police.  It is this need that we highlight as sensitive, or problematic.

We find that abusive and neglectful parents are those who will praise themselves in the highest of terms.

"I'm a great mother!" said Billie Jean Dunn.

In this case, the detective testified that Harris praised himself as a "wonderful" father who even "kissed" his son goodbye.

In Statement Analysis, the principle remains the same:  The need to portray oneself as wonderful often indicates the very opposite in reality.

Also, kissing "goodbye" is sometimes the time of death, or near the time of death, as the guilty party wants to portray themselves  in  a positive light.

Harris kissed his son and then left him to bake in the car, until dead.

from CNN:

Stoddard also testified about how Leanna Harris acted when she arrived at a day care enter to pick the boy up and employees there told her Cooper had never been dropped off.

"Ross must have left him in the car," she replied, according to the detective. Witnesses said they tried to tell her many other things could have happened, but Leanna Harris insisted that Ross Harris must have left the boy in the car, Stoddard said.
He also testified that when Ross and Leanna Harris were in an interview room, Ross Harris told his wife that Cooper looked "peaceful" and that his eyes were closed when he was removed from the vehicle. He told his wife, "I dreaded how he would look," Stoddard said, noting how Harris had used the past tense.
The detective added that the boy's eyes and mouth were not closed when he was taken out of the SUV.
At another point in the interview room, Stoddard said, Leanna Harris asked her husband about what he had said to police.
"She asked him -- she had him sit down, and he starts going through this. And she looks at him, and she's like, 'Well, did you say too much?' " the detective testified.
'Nothing was weird'
While prosecutors painted Ross Harris as a terrible, in fact criminal, father, the defense called witnesses who testified on his behalf.
James Alex Hall, who worked with Ross Harris and had run a Web development company with him for the past two or three months, said Harris didn't act out of the ordinary on the day his son died.
"I would say normal as you could be. Nothing stuck out. Nothing was weird," Hall said.
Ross Harris was scheduled to meet friends for a 5 p.m. showing of the movie "22 Jump Street," according to Stoddard, but he told them he'd be late. He left work at 4:16 p.m., and it would have taken him about 10 minutes to get to the theater, the detective said.
When Harris didn't show up 30 minutes into the movie, Hall stepped outside to contact him. Harris didn't respond to texts, and phone calls went straight to his voice mail, Hall said.
Asked whether Harris was a guy who talked about how life might be without a child, Hall said he was the opposite: the kind of dad who talked about his child to the point that people were tired of hearing about it.
"He said he loved his son all the time," Hall said.
'That pain ... never goes away'
On cross-examination, a prosecutor asked Hall whether he was aware of allegations that Ross Harris had been sexting various women. Hall replied no and conceded that, if that were true, he didn't know everything about his friend.
In what might be a harbinger, the defense repeatedly asked witnesses if they knew Harris was deaf in one ear, perhaps indicating that Harris might not have heard his child in the back seat when he got out of the car and when he returned to it.
"He is deaf in one ear or mostly deaf," a friend testified about Harris. "I always have to go to the other side of his head to talk to him," said Winston Rowell Milling.
'It's easy to get distracted'
Defense attorney H. Maddox Kilgore said after several witnesses testified that he didn't feel anything presented at Thursday's hearing indicated that Ross Harris intentionally left Cooper in the car, which would be key to finding him guilty on the charges.
"It's not even criminal negligence enough to support a misdemeanor," he told the judge, asking him to dismiss the warrant. "It's easy to get distracted when you get behind the wheel. Everyone does it."
Kilgore said he himself had forgotten boxed-up leftovers, a comparison on which the prosecution seized. Someone might remember that they left spaghetti in the car after 30 minutes, said Assistant District Attorney Chuck Boring.
But Harris not only forgot his child, he got an e-mail from his son's day care during the day and at one point went to the vehicle to place lightbulbs inside, never once remembering Cooper, the prosecutor said.
"I think it's remarkable he didn't stick his head in that car," Boring said. "He knew what he was going to find."
Accident or murder in hot car death?
Read the warrant (PDF)
Cooper was buried Saturday in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
The Cobb County Medical Examiner's Office determined that the child's cause of death was "consistent with hyperthermia and the investigative information suggests the manner of death is homicide," according to a Cobb County Department of Public Safety statement.
The Medical Examiner's Office is waiting for toxicology test results before making an official ruling on the toddler's death.
At the boy's funeral, Leanna Harris said she loves her husband and stands by him.
"Am I angry with Ross?" Leanna Harris told mourners. "Absolutely not. It has never crossed my mind. Ross is and was and will be, if we have more children, a wonderful father. Ross is a wonderful daddy and leader for our household. Cooper meant the world to him."


Justin Ross Harris: "Wonderful" Father Life Insurance Policy

In Statement Analysis, we flag hyperbole in parenthood as a warning for child abuse.

For Justin Ross Harris, we now learn that the prosecutor is alleging that Justin wanted a "child free" life and was "sexting" while his child was slowly dying in the hot vehicle.

He did searches on how long a child  can survive in a vehicle, as well as how to survive prison, perhaps anticipating that he might not get away with his plan.

"During an interview with Justin, he stated that he recently researched, through the internet, child deaths inside vehicles and what temperature it needs to be for that to occur. Justin stated that he was fearful that this could happen," the warrants said.

We looked at his statement of "I've killed our child" using the unexpected "our", which is not the norm for a biological parent to use.  It signaled possible need to share guilt.

He may have had a teenaged girlfriend, to whom he was sexting.  When he was told he was being charged, he said, "But there was no malicious intent."  This may be the language of research.

They had a $25,000 life insurance policy on Cooper, who was not 2 years of age.  A second policy was also purchased which would have given an additional $2,000 to the Harris family. 

He was cheating on his wife, and she knew this, even while she defended him during the funeral in her bizarre statement. 

He sent a picture of his privates to his 16 year old girlfriend, while his son was dying in the car.  He had at least 6 different women he was corresponding with.

This is the man that his wife called "wonderful" and hid behind religious language.

When he pulled over with the child, police arrived.  He was told by an officer to get off the phone, but refused twice, cursing at police. 

I expect that she will face charges as well, even as she publicly showed her support for him.  She is alleged to have said, "Did you say too much?" when he was arrested.

When the child was not at Day Care, Leanna said,

"Ross must have left him in the car. There is no other explanation.  Ross must have left him in the car."

Most people could think of other explanations.

Police learned that he went to the car during the day from surveillance video.

When he arrived at work, he backed up his car, so he would have had to use his rear view or side view mirrors and turned around.  He sat in the vehicle for 30 seconds before exiting.

The child was alert and fine when they stopped for food.  30 or 40 seconds later was the stop light to turn to the Day Care.  He said he "forgot" because the child fell asleep.

This means the child would have had to have fallen asleep in 30 to 40 seconds from being "alert" and eating.

Leanna Harris also researched the same topics online. 

Thus it appears pre-mediation, wanting to be free of having a child, as well as profiting on his death, with two polices totaling $27,000. 


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Leanna Harris Under Investigation

Leanna Harris, wife of Josh Harris, is now also under investigation in the death of her toddler, who was left in Josh Harris' vehicle, who claimed to have forgotten the child was there.

Harris went out, after 7 hours working in Home Depot, to find his child dead, and screamed, "What have I done? I've killed our child!"

Statement Analysis took two issues from "I've killed our child"

1.  "our"

The overwhelming number of biological parents use the word "my" and not "our."

"Our" is used regularly when:

a.  Two parents are together, speaking as one
b.  When there is step parenting involved
c.  When there is a need to share guilt
d.  When there is a need to distance oneself
e.  When married biological parents are talking about divorce
f.  When a child is adopted

2.  "child"

The word "child" is associated with risk, such as "child abuse", "child molestation" and "child protective services."

Here, the biological father not only had a need to "share" ownership of the child, but he avoided using his son's name, or title as "son."

We then learned that the father had researched how long it would take for an animal to die in a car and that he had gone out at lunch time and checked upon the child, hours before claiming to do so.

Next, we heard Leaana Harris bizarre statement at the child's funeral in which she seemed to be in concert with her husband, using religious language seemingly to show that their son has been spared certain heartaches of life.  The context and timing was strangely concerning, including her description of her son's lips and some of the more minor 'heartaches' that her son would not encounter, such as socially awkward situations, those things that teach a child how to cope in life.

Police are now investigating her, and we have seen that she, also, researched how long an animal would live in a car, in the heat.

We may see charges levied against her soon.  Her statement is here:


Monday, June 30, 2014

Statement of Leanna Harris

Does this sound like the language of a grieving mother?  
Does this sound like the language of a mentally ill coconspirator who is using religion to justify homicide?  

"First of all, Ross I love you and I'm doing this for you, OK. This is not where I expected to be here today. Two years ago when we welcomed a 6-pound, 8-ounce perfect baby into the world, this never crossed my mind. A lot of you know how much I prayed for a child and how much I worried about never being able to have a child," Leanna Harris said, adding that it happened in God's time.

"He was perfect -- he was and he is perfect. He changed mine and Ross' life. I've talked to you about the magnitude in which he changed it. As children do, he turned our lives upside down," she said. She described cleaning, changing diapers, dinner time, bath time, and finally what she called
"mommy time" and said she wouldn't trade it for the world.  

The article does not give full quotes.  

"Any of that time that I spend doing over and over and over, I would never trade that. Cooper's last two nights at home, he had trouble sleeping," she said, calling it unusual. During the last two nights, "he slept in between me and Ross snuggling in between both of us. I remember turning over in the middle of the night, his mouth was open and his full toddler lips just breathing right into my face. I will cherish that moment forever. Some of you might wonder how I'm even standing here today. I wonder that myself and I asked myself that question over and over the last week," she said.

Note that the location of where he slept is important to the mother.  

"I should be crumpled into a heap of snot and tears into the dirt, but the Lord is holding me up right now. He is holding Ross up. And he is holding both of us up when we can't hold ourselves up. I miss my son and I will miss him forever."

She then went on to list the things she was happy her son will skip: His first heartbreak, junior high and high school [the audience laughed as she said she didn't like either one of them], who to sit with at lunch in those awkward middle school years. She also said he will not have to suffer through the deaths of his grandparents and the deaths of his father and mother.

Did she and her husband end his life to spare him things that they suffered through, such as who to sit with at lunch??

"I miss him with all of my heart. Would I bring him back? No. To bring him back into this broken world would be selfish," she said. "Am I angry with God? No. This is part of His plan for Ross and I. 

It is frightening to read this language:  she would not bring him back.  Have you ever heard a parent say such a thing?
Note that this is God's "plan" for "Ross and I" but not for the child?
Police should carefully investigate this mother's "plan" for her son. 

Is this our purpose? I don't know. I'm still waiting on the Lord to reveal that to me. Am I angry with Ross? Absolutely not. It has never crossed my mind. Ross is and was and will be, if we have more children, a wonderful father. Ross is a wonderful daddy and leader for our children. Cooper meant the world to him. There was not a day that went by that we did not say how blessed we were able to have him in our lives."

There are two things that "never crossed her mind"

1.  That she would be speaking at his funeral
2.  That she would be angry with Ross, who checked the child at mid day. 

This baby was murdered and the mother's language indicates culpability


Statement Analysis: Leanna Harris

Cooper Harris, not yet 2 years old, is dead.

His father, Ross Harris, buckled him into the back of the car and drove to work, 'forgetting' his son was there.  When he came out, 7 hours later, the child was dead.  Harris screamed, "I killed our child!"

We noted that he used the pronoun, "our" in his cry.  The overwhelming number of biological parents use the pronoun "my", unless they have a reason to share responsibility or guilt.  We have seen "our" child when both parents are together, speaking as one, but in general, the word "my" is used.  (A couple who are discussing divorce may begin to use "our" in their language.)

We also noted he used the word "child" and not "son" in his cry.  The word "child" is often associated with risk, such as "child abuse" or "child molestation" in language.

These two indicators led us to believe that Harris' story was not genuine, thus, the analysis was posted.  The word "our" shows a need to 'share' something.

Was it guilt he was sharing?

Next, we learned that a police officer was skeptical about Harris, but held his tongue.  This further strengthened the opinion that his cry was disingenuous.

The next day we learned that Harris had gone out to the vehicle at lunch time, and that he had researched how long an animal would live in a hot car.

At the funeral, his wife spoke.  Leanna Harris said, ""Am I angry with Ross? Absolutely not. It has never crossed my mind. Ross is and was and will be, if we have more children, a wonderful father. Ross is a wonderful daddy and leader for our household. Cooper meant the world to him."

Leanna Ross also told police that she researched how long an animal (or a child?) would survive in a car. 

Was it guilt that Ross Harris was sharing when he said "our" child?

Police should be very interested in the quote above, spoken at the funeral of Cooper. 

She is not angry with her husband.  This, itself, is not expected.  Even the 'accident' of forgetting her son, should provoke anger.  
She says he is a "wonderful" father, with "wonderful" being hyperbole, somewhat (now) expected since leaving her son would be neglectful, to those around her.  Hyperbole in parenthood is often an indicator of abuse, especially when one calls oneself a "wonderful" parent. We saw this with Billie Jean Dunn.  She was not, in her language a "good" mother, but called herself a "wonderful" mother.  This is more common among substance abuse mothers who often call themselves "wonderful" in motherhood, particularly when entering rehabilitation services, during the intake process. 

He is a wonderful "father" and then a wonderful "daddy."
The "father" is in regards to having more children. 
The "daddy" is for "our" household. 
The change in her language is noted.  
Yet, the word that jumps out at me is the word "leader" in her statement. 

Every household has a leader, even when people say it is "50/50" simply because one or other will dominate when a disagreement arises.  

Look at the context:

Ross is a "leader" to "our family" spoken while at the funeral of her son.  If he was the "leader", she was the follower.  Leaders must be trusted to be followed.  

                                               What did Ross take the lead on?

Who is the "family", now that there is no children?

Did they not have a baby sitter and they felt that they had done sufficient internet research to know how long they could let Cooper sleep safely in the car, only to have it backfire?  This would be the most benevolent of excuses. 

Cooper deserved a shot at life

Or, was there more to this?  

Insurance policy?  

Remember Justin DiPietro?  He bought insurance against one of his two children, and, surprise, surprise, 6 weeks later, she went missing.  

Did Justin "Ross" Harris take the "lead" and want to start with a clean slate (no kids) since he was not earning much money for the family?  Did they decide  to "place him in Heaven" so as to "spare" him the troubles of this world?  We've heard this before, too. 

Whatever it is, the above statement should be of great interest to the police in investigating the death of little Cooper Harris.  I would not be surprised to learn of some severe mental health issues between these two. 

[size=35]Warrants Show Parents of 22-Month-Old Cooper Harris Researched Child Deaths in Hot Cars[/size]

Play Video

[size=14]New Details in Toddler's Death

Newly released court documents show that the mother of the 22-month-old who died in a hot SUV in Georgia had also searched online information about kids dying in cars, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.
According to search warrant affidavits, Leanna Harris was also questioned by authorities and made similar statements about researching car deaths. The timing of those online searches and investigators' findings have not been released. The AJC reports Harris has not been identified as a suspect in the death of her son, Cooper.
Cooper's father, 33-year-old Justin Ross Harris, is in jail without bond and told police he used the Internet to research child deaths in vehicles and what temperature it needs to be for that to occur, police said. The warrant doesn't specify when he did the searches.
"Justin stated that he was fearful that this could happen," one of the four warrants released to The Associated Press stated.
Cooper died on June 18 after his father left the toddler in the vehicle for seven hours while he went to work at an Atlanta-area Home Depot. Harris has pled not guilty to murder and second-degree cruelty to a child, CNN reports.
The new information seemed to fuel investigator's allegations that Harris committed a "more serious crime" than simple negligence. But at the boy's funeral in Tuscaloosa Saturday afternoon, his mother Leanna Harris spoke publicly for the first time and painted a very different picture of her husband as a loving father who made a terrible mistake.
"Am I angry with Ross?" Leanna Harris said at the service. "Absolutely not. It has never crossed my mind. Ross is and was and will be, if we have more children, a wonderful father. Ross is a wonderful daddy and leader for our household. Cooper meant the world to him."
Harris is being held without bond at the Cobb County Jail, but he spoke at his son's service by telephone.
(MORE: Could This Prevent Hot Car Deaths?)
"Thank you for everything you've done for my boy," CNN reports he said to the audience via speakerphone. "Good life. (Inaudible) No words to say. Just horrible. (Inaudible) I'm just sorry I can't be there."
Harris told police he was supposed to drive his son to day care that morning but drove to work without realizing that his son was strapped into a car seat in the back. Harris put his son, Cooper, in a rear-facing car seat in the back seat of his Hyundai Tucson after eating at a Chick-fil-A restaurant the morning of the boy's death, the arrest warrant says. He then drove to work and left the child strapped into the car seat when he went inside, the warrant says.
At lunchtime, Harris returned to the vehicle, opened the driver's side door and placed an object inside before going back inside his workplace, the warrant says. It does not explain how the officer knows that.
Around 4:15 p.m., Harris left work and, soon after, pulled over at a shopping center and asked for help with his child, the warrant says. Harris told police he was on his way to meet friends after work when he realized his son was in the back seat and pulled into a shopping center to get help, according to the warrants.
The child was left in the vehicle for about seven hours, the warrant says. The ambient outdoor air temperature that day was 88 degrees at 5:16 p.m., according to the first warrant in the case, filed the day after the child died.
The Cobb County Medical Examiner's Office said Wednesday that toxicology results are still pending but that it believes the cause of death was hyperthermia and the manner of death was homicide. Hyperthermia is a condition in which the temperature of the body spikes due to the heat.
(MORE: Child Deaths in Hot Cars Doubled in May)
Police searched the Marietta, Georgia condo where the family lives, looking for a laptop, electronic devices documents, photographs and any "evidence of child neglect, child abuse." They also searched Harris' cellphone and the light blue 2011 Hyundai Tucson that Harris was driving when his son died.
USA Today reports that a total of 11 search warrants will be released this weekend and more information is expected to be released in the next 48 hours.
"They're definitely going to look at how healthy was the child, the family's previous history, whether dad was usually somebody who was very responsible," she said. "And the defense, if this reaches a trial, will be collecting their evidence that he was a good parent, a fit parent."
Cobb County Police Chief John Houser said Wednesday that he understands tragic accidents happen, but evidence indicates a "more serious crime" has been committed. He didn't elaborate on what the evidence was.
"The chain of events that occurred in this case do not point toward simple negligence and evidence will be presented to support this allegation," Houser said in a message released by the department.
But neighbors and acquaintances of Harris and his wife tell a very different story, describing them as loving parents. Harris is a native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and moved to Georgia in 2012 to work for Home Depot.
Their landlord, Joe Saini, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Harris and his wife are "very, very nice" people who were in love with their baby.
"Everything was going right for this couple," Saini said. "They wanted to buy a house so they could have some space for their child to run around the backyard."
Cory Burns, a police officer in Tuscaloosa, said Harris worked for the department as a dispatcher. Burns said his wife, Valissa, worked as a dispatcher alongside Harris and remembers that he and his wife were eager to have children but had some trouble conceiving.
Cory Burns remembers Harris as "a pretty happy guy, always down to earth." Harris brought his son back for to the department a visit recently, Burns said.
"Everyone's praying for him and his family," he said. "It's tragic."
The Associated Press contributed to this report.


Mother of Deceased Child Speaks At Funeral

The father gave two indications that something was very wrong and has been charged with murder.  
"I've kiled our child" (see prior analysis)

(CNN) -- The mother of a Georgia toddler who died in a sweltering SUV emphatically told a crowd at her son's funeral she loves and stands by her husband, even though he was charged with murder in the child's death.
"Am I angry with Ross?" Leanna Harris said at the funeral in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. "Absolutely not. It has never crossed my mind. Ross is and was and will be, if we have more children, a wonderful father. Ross is a wonderful daddy and leader for our household. Cooper meant the world to him."
This was the first time she's spoken publicly since June 18, when her husband, Justin Ross Harris, was charged with murder and second-degree child cruelty in the death of his son, Cooper Harris. He has pleaded not guilty.
Police said Harris, 33, told them he forgot to drop his 22-month-old son at the day-care center before going to work. The boy died after spending seven hours in a child safety seat in the back of an SUV.
Suspect speaks to funeral by phone

Toddler's dad calls funeral from jail

Earlier in the funeral service at University Church of Christ, Harris called from the Cobb County Jail outside Atlanta, where he's being held without bond, and addressed the crowd by speaker phone. He wasn't allowed to leave the jail for the funeral.
"Thank you for everything you've done for my boy," he said. "Good life. (Inaudible) No words to say. Just horrible. (Inaudible) I'm just sorry I can't be there."

note that he is sorry for not being there, not the death of his son. 
Then Leanna Harris spoke.
"First of all Ross, I love you and I'm doing this for you, OK?" she said. "Two years ago when we welcomed a 6-pound, 8-ounce perfect baby into the world, this never crossed my mind."
Note she brings to the deceased child what never crossed her mind:  "this"

Child 'was perfect'
Leanna Harris said she worried about not being able to have a child and was joyous when Cooper was born. The couple had been married since 2006.
"He was perfect, and he is perfect," she said of Cooper. "He changed mine and Ross' life. I've talked to you about the magnitude in which he changed it. As children do, he turned our lives upside down. ... I wouldn't trade it for the world."
The last two nights of Cooper's life, he had trouble sleeping and ended up in bed between her and her husband, Leanna Harris said.
"I remember turning over in the middle of the night, his mouth was open and his full toddler lips just breathing right into my face," she said. "I will cherish that moment forever."
'The Lord is holding me up'
Religion has helped her and her husband cope during this stressful time, she said.
Police released search warrants showing that Ross Harris searched the Internet for information on child deaths in hot vehicles. The international media scrutinized the couple's life.
"Some of you might wonder how I'm even standing here today. I wonder that myself, and I asked myself that question over and over the last week," she said.
"I should be crumpled into a heap of snot and tears into the dirt, but the Lord is holding me up right now. He is holding Ross up. And he is holding both of us up when we can't hold ourselves up."
Leanna Harris followed her son's casket out of the church, still on the phone with her husband.

Before hanging up, she said, "I love you."



The little unremembered acts of kindness and love are the best parts of a person's life.

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Re: Baby's death in car now being treated as murder

Post by lj on 07.07.14 3:56

How horrible, do they have no shame? Even if it was an accident how can you be so effing tasteless stupid?

Where have we seen that before.

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry

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Re: Baby's death in car now being treated as murder

Post by Ochosi on 07.07.14 8:50

"leader of our household" stood out the most to me. She sounds like a surrendered wife who would collude with/permit/accept anything her husband decided to do, completely absorbing and promoting his reasons for doing so, as though they were her own.

I find it difficult to believe it was an accident.


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Re: Baby's death in car now being treated as murder

Post by kimHager on 11.07.14 14:37

ok first his reasoning for the internet searches is a crock..if u search.for information.on how long a child can survive in a hot car because u are worried it,can happen wouldnt that make you certain you would prevent it??? surely you would be like ok this is dangerous thing happening in the world i will be sure that wont ever happen .

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