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Mother leaves 3-year-old to watch siblings

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Mother leaves 3-year-old to watch siblings

Post by MissesWillYa on 27.06.14 1:27

I wasn't sure where to put this, so please move it if this is not the appropriate place.

This is a story from my local news, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It doesn't mention the McCann case, which I wouldn't necessarily expect from an American news source anyway, but I think it's interesting that there are charges against her for doing basically the same thing they did.

Here's the article:

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – An Albuquerque mother is behind bars after police say she left her 3-year-old home alone to watch his two younger siblings.
Amanda Griego, 22, is charged with abandonment or abuse of a child.

According to the criminal complaint when officers arrived to the apartment Wednesday the toddler answered the door wearing nothing but a dirty diaper.

They also found a 2-year-old child strapped into a high chair and a younger child on the ground in a bassinet.

Police say the kids were dirty, sweaty, dehydrated and there was marijuana on the floor within the children’s reach.

About 45 minutes later Griego arrived to the apartment and was arrested.

Maybe the difference is the neglected condition of the children and the marijuana in the children's reach, but still. I'm glad someone is being punished for leaving young children alone but at the same time, I notice that she is young, had to have been a teenage mother, is probably low-income given what I know of my community, etc. I know the jury is out about whether the McCann's really did it or not, but it's just not okay. (IMO, of course).

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Re: Mother leaves 3-year-old to watch siblings

Post by Okeydokey on 27.06.14 2:32

Let's not forget Kate McCann actually admits she happily took a shower leaving her 3 year old child and even younger child alone in another room.

You can't hear anything that goes on in an adjacent room while you take a shower...(with added music possibly? - lots of people like to shower with the radio on). 

Most oddly for a GP,  she just doesn't seem to appreciate - or can't admit - how risky it is to leave children that young alone, where they might have access to electric points, medicines, drugs, cleaning products, boiling water  etc. - or just an open door.  So many hazards for children at that very young age.


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Re: Mother leaves 3-year-old to watch siblings

Post by worriedmum on 27.06.14 9:41

I have watched Kate on the 'Madeleine was here' video and I have to say I think she appears gentle with the twins and aware of them, in the bit where they are visiting the farm.  I'm not sure she would leave the children unsupervised in order to have a shower----doesn't she say she has a bath later, too?
Which begs the question, what was she doing if she wasn't showering?

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Re: Mother leaves 3-year-old to watch siblings

Post by joyce1938 on 27.06.14 14:49

The question maybe ,what did the child see that she should not have seen ,may have caused an upset and accident?joyce1938

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