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The forthcoming trial

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Re: The forthcoming trial

Post by Guest on 04.12.09 21:07

I heard a runour that he is giving out cyystal ashtrays to all people who donated to his fund (to remind them never to be stupid enough to ask for a refund Wink

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Re: The forthcoming trial

Post by DyDy on 24.12.09 7:16

@sans_souci wrote:

1 First of all, is it simply an appeal, or is it the full libel trial? Any ideas?

2 It has been widely predicted in another place that the McCanns are bluffing and will withdraw the action. Any thoughts on this?

3 It is also widely predicted that if the trial goes head, the McCanns will not appear, or if they do it is because they have been ordered to.

4 Again, if the trial goes ahead, what are Amarals chances of winning?

1. As we know now this is an appeal from Amaral on the injunction of the book and the DVD based on his book, scheduled for January 2010.
And I think the McCanns will attend the trial, not because they are ordered to.

2. In case Amaral wins this appeal, the injunction lifted, the book for sale again etc., McCanns will withdraw and drop the case, because
Amaral winning the appeal indicates McCanns will also loose the libel trial. But I don't think Amaral will win this appeal.

3. We now know McCanns did appear and they will be back in January, why not?

4. Again, if Amaral wins the appeal, he will win the libel trial too. But in reality I think Amaral is on his way to disaster. He can't win the case
because of lack of evidence to support his theory. This is not about the book and the DVD only, it is also about his accusations against
the McCanns in all his interviews.


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