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I'm hoping Pat Brown is being sarcastic here :) - Page 3 Mm11

I'm hoping Pat Brown is being sarcastic here :) - Page 3 Regist10

I'm hoping Pat Brown is being sarcastic here :)

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I'm hoping Pat Brown is being sarcastic here :) - Page 3 Empty Re: I'm hoping Pat Brown is being sarcastic here :)

Post by maebee on 14.06.14 23:43

@canada12 wrote:I tend to believe rather strongly in Karma. Even if they "get away with it", as so many seem convinced now will happen, their own personal hell will never disappear. Those who are guilty of causing Madeleine's death, of concealing her death, of lying about her death, of conning the gullable public out of so much money and of continuing to live a lie, will have to also live with this knowledge for the rest of their lives. They may laugh and shrug and sneer and think, ha! We did it, we fooled everyone! But they are not fooling themselves, and they will forever afterwards have to live with the knowledge that when people look back at the history, at the facts which have been made known, at all of the evidence and non-evidence, at the things they've done and said, and the people they've harmed, they will be judged. And judged harshly. There's no escaping that fact. And, if they are at all as religious as they claim to be, they will have to answer to their god. Where will you end up when you're dead, Kate and Gerry? In your idea of heaven? Or condemned to an eternal hell, for all of your deeds and actions? They may be able to escape criminal prosecution now. But they will never be free of their guilt. And they will never be forgiven for what they've done to Madeleine, and Madeleine's memory.

All my own personal opinion.

I too believe in karma, canada. Their karma is a lifetime of hell and they are living it every single day and will live it for the rest of their lives. Someone should tell them, coz they're not getting it, that we all get only one spin on this merry-go-round. This life thing is not a rehearsal. It's a one-off. They may think they've fooled everyone (hundreds of thousands on social media think otherwise). Knowing you're only fooling yourself is a miserable feeling. People who feel miserable tend to push misery on others, anyone except themselves. Hence the reason KM wishes "misery" on GA.
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I'm hoping Pat Brown is being sarcastic here :) - Page 3 Empty Re: I'm hoping Pat Brown is being sarcastic here :)

Post by frost on 15.06.14 9:19

Regardless of what happens in the court case the McCanns have managed to succeed in their main objective which was to destroy  Mr Amarals life . 

His marriage has broken down , he has lost his career , his health has been damaged , his reputation damaged probably for the rest of his life mud sticks as they say  , his assets frozen and regardless of whether he looses this case or not  they have already managed to financially ruin him . 

His crime ? to do his job and investigate the disappearance of a little girl their little girl . 

Had Amaral not looked at the possibility that the McCanns were responsible for the 'disappearance' of Madeleine then he certainly would not have been doing his job properly but the fact that he did when statistics clearly show that often in a case such as this the parents are indeed responsible and often the last person to see someone alive is responsible when a case turns into a murder investigation . You start with the parents and fan out. the majority of crimes of this nature are committed by either a close relative or friend or someone known to the person in some other capacity . If someone is innocent they are usually deemed as such pretty early on in an investigation however this was never the case in this case as from the beginning their stories did not 'add' up , they changed their statements and independent witnesses could not corroborate their version of events . Their friends stories also did not 'add' up and to any seasoned police officer would have placed the McCanns and their friends  very much at the top of the suspect list until independent witnesses could corroborate their stories and verify their alibis beyond any shadow of a doubt however this just did not happen .

Stranger danger is very rare . Yes it does and can happen but it is rare and usually in such a case there are many totally impartial witnesses who have seen something even if at the time they did not realise what they were witnessing . Close relatives and friends usually have cast iron alibis and are quickly ruled out of any involvement and thus the investigation changes course .

This case is not like that at all and screams of being orchestrated from the start . The telephoning of the media before even the police were called is a big red flag here and actually should have put the McCanns under suspicion straight away .

The fact that there are 4 defendants in this case yet  it appears only Amaral has had his assets frozen shows the vindictiveness of the McCanns  , they had one objective to destroy Amaral regardless of whether they win the case or lose they have indeed succeeded in their main objective .

I hope there is such a thing as karma because the trail of destruction left behind in the wake of Madeleines disappearance is frightening . The true scale of which will never fully be realised . 

How many innocent people have been affected by this case ? How many innocent people have been accused of being involved in some way . How many people have had to prove that their child was not Madeleine simply because they resembled the misleading photos which were released of her . 

I personally know of one child local to me . Yes she did have a look of Madeleine but that was all . The police literally swarmed on that family no quiet knock on the door they went in all guns blazing and to this day that innocent family and girl involved has been affected . 

Just  how many innocent people have had their lives affected in some way ? 

The true figure we will never know .

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