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Prediction: McCanns will appear guilty to the world

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Prediction: McCanns will appear guilty to the world

Post by utahagen on 29.05.14 16:38

Link deleted

I think Blacksmith is correct in what (I believe) he is implying in his latest article: that the investigations are indeed moving towards a real conclusion -- I posit it'll be before the end of 2014 -- and that it may very well be an unhappy conclusion for McCann supporters. I do not want to start another debate about whether one or both of the investigations are "whitewashes", so let's suppose the investigations are, in fact, whitewashes...I still think that the momentum of the past few months is such that there will be no official exoneration of the McCanns and that the publicity around these digs will embolden people who suspect the McCanns to get the truth of the PJ's original investigation out there to the world. If the McCanns are not officially exonerated, and if the child is presumed dead (meaning no more money will be donated to "find Madeleine"), media will run "so what really happened to Madeleine?" stories. I predict the public will turn on the McCanns and they will be hounded into seclusion.

I don't know whether the McCanns will ever be arrested and tried, but I think their being viewed by most of the public as victims and heroes will end when Portugal and SY announce their conclusions, even if these conclusions are ambiguous. The media will want some kind of real ending to the story, or at least more drama, and a conclusion along the lines of "We believe Madeleine died in the apartment, that the body was kept there for at least a few hours and later moved, but we don't have sufficient evidence to arrest the parents and we don't believe she was abducted" is not what the McCanns will need either to live peaceful lives or continue on as celebrities.


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Re: Prediction: McCanns will appear guilty to the world

Post by suzyjohnson on 29.05.14 16:46

I suspect a conclusion which points towards the parents ( if they are unable to either absolve them or be able to make an arrest) is something which the police / government will avoid because I think it will mean the McCanns would need some form of police protection for the rest of their lives which would be very expensive.

Btw I don't expect this post / thread to remain on here for very long because Blacksmith is currently banned from this website.



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Re: Prediction: McCanns will appear guilty to the world

Post by ultimaThule on 29.05.14 19:27

As I understand it, any ban is confined to the posting of links to the Blacksmith Bureau, suzy. It occurs to me that if I'm wrong we'll both end up in virtual Siberia big grin 

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