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Les Balkwell's letter to the Queen 28 April 2014 - and reply

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Les Balkwell's letter to the Queen 28 April 2014 - and reply

Post by Tony Bennett on 26.05.14 8:39

The Queen has replied to this letter saying that she has forwarded Les's letter to Justice Minister, Mr Chris Grayling.

As yet, he has not responded...


From: Leslie W. Balkwell                                   88 Abbs Cross Lane
Tels: 01708 446850                                          HORNCHURCH
Mobiles: 07908 752522,  07925 999607              Essex
                                                                                     RM12  4XW
                                                                          Monday 28 April 2014
Your Majesty,  

Killing of my son Lee Balkwell

I am writing to you on behalf of my dead son and members of my family. A serious injustice is about to be committed. I have tried everything I can do to stop this injustice from proceeding.

I am writing to you as I am hoping that you will have the necessary power,  influence and perseverance to do something about this injustice.

Enclosed are just two documents among many hundreds in my case. The first one summarises all that has taken place in the nearly 12 years since my son was reported, at 1.03am in the early hours on 18 July 2002, to have lost his life in a cement mixer. The second document summarises in 12 brief pages the evidence that my son did not die in an accident, as claimed, but was deliberately killed.

In June 2009, an interim report by the Independent Police Complaints Commission found that there were ‘serious flaws’ in the original investigation into my son’s death. It recommended that these flaws were so serious that there should be a full re-investigation of my son’s death by an independent police force. This has never happened.

Instead, after various delays, I was told Lee’s death would be investigated by Kent Police. This was totally unacceptable to me for a number of reasons. First, the two forces are joined by means of a common, and large, joint Serious Organised Crime Directorate and by many other joint working arrangements. Second, the Deputy of the Essex-Kent SOCD at the time the Kent investigation began (Gareth Wilson) has twice been found guilty of misconduct in my son’s case by the IPCC. Third, other officers working for Essex-Kent SOCD, such as DCI Mark Hall, had also been involved in the 8 years of failed investigations and reviews of my son’s case by Essex police. He failed for two hours (seen at 1.57am, seized at 3.50am) to seize clothing, including a blood-stained T-shirt, from the man now accused of causing my son’s death as the result of a ‘tragic accident’.   I listed many other objections in a 4-page document at the time.

In November 2012, after just over two years of investigations, Kent Police arrested Mr Simon Bromley of Baldwins Farm, Upminster, Essex on what I was told was suspicion of murder. After a year on bail, he was charged with the offence of causing my son’s death by ‘Manslaughter by Negligence’.   

I suggest to you that this was and is a thoroughly dishonest attempt to close this case on the basis that my son’s death was a genuine accident, when all the indications (please see my second document) point to his death being due to deliberate acts against him.

In this process, Kent Police have claimed that they have ‘compelling evidence’ that my son was working on the lorry that evening after 9.20pm, when it is clear from a CCTV taken that night and from a raft of other evidence that he was not. They also claim that they have evidence that my son’s death was an accident, but not deliberate. I am absolutely sure that they have no such evidence. I redf to secon docmenyt.

During the past year I have made strenuous objections to what I suggest is a prosecution wholly contrary to the evidence. Among others I have written to are:

* The IPCC, to complain about the conduct of Kent Police in this matter

* Ms Grace Ononiwu, the Head of East of England CPS, to complain about the CPS handling of the case from the beginning onwards. It was confierm a ta meeting 27 Janury t hs eahd not seem very ipa evod withhel b yyte CPS lawyer Nicj Staite

* Mr Stephen Shaw CBE, the Independent Assessor for Complaints about the CPS, about Ms Ononiwu’s handling of my complaints     

* My former MP, now Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire, and my current M.P., Dame Angela Watkinson

* Mr Karim Kahlil Q.C., Head of One Paper Buildings Chambers, who has personally approved this dishonest prosecution and

* The Chairman of Essex Magistrates Court and latterly the Crown Court Judge who will be conducting the case at Chelmsford Crown Court.

It beggars belief that all the above have failed to take any steps so far to stop this dishonest prosecution. I met Mr Kahlil on 13 March this year and explained the case to him fully, including handing him the second attached document. He has refused as yet to reconsider his decision to endorse this prosecution. None of these representations, and others that I have made, have prevented Kent Police and the CPS from continuing to bring this dishonest case before the courts.

I want to be clear and lay my cards on the table and suggest to you that what has happened so far in the case is the result of corrupt actions certainly by the police and possibly also by members of the CPS as well. I make this allegation on the basis of a great deal of evidence which I am of course happy to share with you and also being aware, as no doubt you also are aware, that there have been many recent cases of serious and high-level misconduct and corruption in many police forces which have come before the courts, been the subject of high profile enquiries, and have been widely reported in all the media.

I appeal to you to recognise that this case may be a serious example of such corruption. I will be only too happy to supply all the further information you need. I need your help in finding out how to stop this prosecution and so prevent another terrible injustice, like the events that occurred at Hillsborough and the 23-year cover-up that followed it, the cover-up by successive Metropolitan Police Commissioners of the findings of Operation Tiberius in 2002, and the continuing high-level cover-up of who killed Daniel Morgan in 1987. In the latter case, the current Chief Constable of Kent Police, Alan Pughsley, who was also the Gold Group Commander in my son’s case and has supervised this dishonest Kent investigation, was significantly involved in the first of five successive ineffective and corrupt reviews. I may point out that when I made a formal complaint about Alan Pughsley, my complaint was investigated by two senior officers from Hampshire Police. It was also senior officers from Hampshire Police who corruptly carried out the second review, which was a review of the Met Police’s actions in the first review of the Daniel Morgan case.  Hampshire Police exonerated the Met and likewise in the Lee Balkwell case.    

I have spent tens of thousands of pounds on legal and other fees to try and secure an honest investigation of my son’s death - and justice for me and my family. It is a miracle that my family have held together despite the appalling situation of not only losing our son but of knowing that he lost his life through a deliberate act which the police, who are supposed to prevent and solve crimes, have deliberately covered up.

Please do not put this letter and its enclosures down without resolving to do all that is within your power to rectify the injustice to my son and my family.

I need this false prosecution to be stopped. I need your help in securing a fair, no-holds-barred investigation by a police force wholly unconnected with Essex Police or the Metropolitan Police.  

Your humble and obedient servant,   

Les Balkwell    


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