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Something or nothing?

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Re: Something or nothing?

Post by springer on 01.06.14 21:25

When we bought our house we part exchanged for a new property.  It was a very long time ago but I believe that the price registered at the land registry was the (small) difference between the two properties.  I have no idea whether this would apply for Rothley Towers but thought I would mention it.


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Re: Something or nothing?

Post by Shhh on 01.06.14 21:41

Makes sense to me


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Re: Something or nothing?

Post by j.rob on 02.06.14 19:55

I think what the planning application was for was to convert the roof of the garage into living space. And have a connecting 'orangery' to connect the garage and new living space to the house. So that the garage conversion would be more a 'change of use' type of thing, rather than major building work. Still not sure whether this actually happened. Did they convert the garage into living space? Or did they just add roof lights?

It's still odd that Kate did not mention these plans though. Maybe it would not 'sit' well with the Fund and them desperately needing money. If it had been for live-in help, why would Kate not have mentioned this? I do not believe the couple would fork out for a nanny. The impression I get is that neither of them are inclined to spend much money on looking after their children. In her book Kate writes that, after the children were born the few times they go out in the evening they use relatives to babysit. So presumably that involves no cost. And, as we know, they did not hire babysitters on holiday.

I think Gerry would resent spending much money on his children. Why would a couple who openly admit to leaving their children alone in an apartment on holiday (where a neighbour hears a child crying in distress for an hour and a quarter one evening) be prepared to fork out for a live-in nanny?

Still, it is of note that a neighbour has recently reported that the twins are being cared for by hired help. Why would that be if Kate is not working and especially given that they are much older now, no longer at the demanding baby/toddler age.  Why employ hired help now, when they were not prepared to hire help when they needed it?


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Re: Something or nothing?

Post by canada12 on 02.06.14 20:53

Perhaps they've been required to have someone live-in and look after the children. We don't know what the social services people determined after the McCanns admitted that they'd left their 3 children alone to go out and have fun with their friends. We read that they invited the child protection people round to tea in Rothley and they had a good old chat. I've always wondered whether it was the other way around - the child protection people invited themselves around with a warning. Perhaps as a result of NOT being prosecuted for child endangerment, they've agreed to have someone on the premises monitoring them and ensuring the children are not neglected a second time. You never know when this very subject could come up in a court case. Just my opinion.


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