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A police officer speaks out - anonymously - about the influence of Freemasonry in a British police force

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A police officer speaks out - anonymously - about the influence of Freemasonry in a British police force

Post by Tony Bennett on 23.05.14 21:37

Unfortunately, I can't go into detail about the occasions when Lodge members are dealt with differently than non-Lodge members within my force, as it might indicate which force I belong to. I guess that'll be handy to Lodge members as they can accuse me of lying, falsehoods, believing idle rumour, listening to canteen gossip, and general jealousy of their fellow members.

Rumours about the internal benefits of Lodge membership are rife within my force.

I guess it's just coincidence that those who are dealt with differently just happen to also be Lodge members. Just coincidence. Yeah. Of course it is.

I guess I'm just envious of those who aren't particularly good at their jobs, yet manage to manipulate those around them to gain an advantage. Who also happen to be Lodge members. Yes. It's not happening across the country. Not at all.

There might not be a specific fire, but there's plenty of smoke.

 Oh and the "why don't you join and see what really goes on"? Really? Exposing my nipple, while raising a trouser leg and swearing an Oath to like-minded individuals? No. I'm not a member of a frat house. I'm a copper. I swear but one Oath. And I find it at odds with the job I do to swear any other Oaths.........the possibility of a conflict of interests is too great to be safe and right. I wouldn't turn the other cheek to ignore a crime by my own brother, let alone by somebody who just happens to know somebody else and belongs to the same 'charitable organisation' that I do. No. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I certainly wouldn't belong to any organisation, where my membership of that organisation, might call my integrity into question. No matter how good the charity might be.

I swore an Oath to uphold The Law, and "ignoring errant behaviour of my mates" wasn't in that Oath. Sure, becoming a Mason might not affect your integrity, you might well be thoroughly decent and above such things - I'm sure many are. And that's great. But you do leave yourself open to the questioning of your integrity, whether you like it or not. Your membership leaves that a possibility. Be it right or wrong, your choice may cause an extra question to be asked about you.

The only 'club' I belong to is the police. Without fear or favour. I will never do a deal on a golf course, or a Wednesday night 'club' meeting, to circumvent the proper channels. Maybe that means I'll finish last. I guess the burden of my integrity is one handicap too great to be able to 'win'.

I've never had a problem giving to charity that meant I had to belong to a specific group, club or religion.

Still. It takes all sorts.

Freemasonry is not for me. And, given my opinion, I'd imagine that they'd be quite happy not to have me amongst their ranks. Which is fine for all concerned.

And, if by chance, my information about this secret charitable organisation is wrong, then that's what comes of having secret goings on, left right and Chelsea. I don't want to join such an organisation just to find out their secret ways.

Let me be clear. I am not saying that becoming a Mason means that your integrity is up for sale. What I'm saying is that it could be seen to be the case. And so you end up having to answer questions about your integrity, that others don't have to answer, purely upon your membership of an organisation.


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Tony Bennett

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Not anonymously !

Post by PeterMac on 23.05.14 22:31

I researched the subject when I was still serving.
I was given access to a Year Book.
In Notts there were 72 Freemasons, out a a total of 2000 + officers.
So not a huge percentage.
Most were 3rd degree and so treated the whole thing as nothing more that a 3 monthly dining club with funny rituals.
Like Round Table, 41 Club, Soroptimists, Rotary, Inner circle, Inner wheel,  and all the rest.  
A bit of fun, a chance to get together, and sometimes to do Charitable things.

The interesting thing was not that FM promotes FM. No. That would be too obvious.
What you have to do is track the career path of a FM, spells at the front line, obviously, but followed by lots of sinecures in HQ, 9-5 M-F, canteen, access to the upper echelons . . .

And then we became aware that the new ACC (OPS) was FM.
(He was referred to either as BIFFO, or ONSLOW  ! )
Although he was theoretically in charge of the Force Support Dept, (Traffic, Special ops etc etc)  it was miraculous how they got all the "Toys!".  Cars, equipment you name it.
Nor that some promotions seem to have been made of very strange people, with little operational background, or credibility.

Of course it could have nothing at all to do with the fact that the head of FS was not only FM, but was doing Chapter, Mark and Rouge Pelican !

And therefore "outranked" the ACC by many 'degrees'



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Re: A police officer speaks out - anonymously - about the influence of Freemasonry in a British police force

Post by Guest on 24.05.14 14:59

"Exposing my nipple, ...."


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