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Cards against Humanity

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Cards against Humanity

Post by Guest on 18.05.14 12:51

A party game for horrible people


’‘Madeleine McCann was the riskiest one because we don’t have anything like that in the US version. That was the untested one but people love it. Our goal is to be as funny as possible and sometimes things that are really offensive are also really funny.’
The eight inventors of the game are all now reportedly millionaires

The McCanns’ spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said: ‘The offensiveness of this speaks for itself. For the makers of the game to make light of a missing child is beyond offensive. They should reconsider what they’re doing and all Madeleine references should be cut out of future editions. It is deeply offensive.’

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Each to his / her own party games, bet the owners have already recieved one of those letters!!

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Re: Cards against Humanity

Post by Rasputin on 18.05.14 13:43

Is Clarenzio smarting because TM arent getting a cut out of this ?

"I'm not buying it" Wendy Murphy

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Re: Cards against Humanity

Post by ChippyM on 18.05.14 16:03

The game has been around for a long time and probably isn't as offensive as made out as the people playing the game have a choice whether to make 'light' of the phrases/ subjects.

   I believe in free speech and recognise that as a society we tend to use humour to make sense of the terrible and the absurd. I really doubt MM would feature in the game if the story of her dissapearence that we are asked to believe wasn't so blatantly absurd.

  Whilst Clarence is pontificating and moralising maybe he should think back about all the sensational stories concerning pedo lairs, smelly sex offenders, gypsies (which lead to the seizing of other peoples children!) , and a constant host of Maddie - look alikes that has done nothing but make the disappearence of MM into a joke for many people.

  I don't think it's a coincidence that we have a story about Kate and Gerry running for charity and this 'outrage' for this game but complete silence regarding what is actually happening with the investigation. They are  trying really hard to spin but the usual subjects are out of bounds.


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