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The Right to be Forgotten Law - Search engines can be told to wipe information

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The Right to be Forgotten Law - Search engines can be told to wipe information

Post by Guest on 15.05.14 17:46

Interesting this article


What is the 'right to be forgotten'?

The internet (almost) never forgets.

Google - and other search engines - are extremely efficient at crawling the web to find and store data. Even if websites are taken offline, a cache is kept - meaning they can still be accessed.

This is good for making the web as useful as possible, but bad if you don't like what it finds about you.

In Mr Gonzalez's case, Google must now remove the search results that come up about the auction of his property.

It is Mr Gonzalez's right, the EU says, for that information to be confined to history - or at least, a history only findable by the very dedicated. The information will still be online, just not indexed by the search engine.

The decision has wide-reaching implications.

The EU has been pushing heavily for a new law on data privacy - of which "right to be forgotten" is a key component - since it proposed guidelines in January 2012.

It argues that old, inaccurate or even just irrelevant data should be taken out of search results if the person involved requests it.

Eventually, the EU hopes the "right to be forgotten" principle will extend further. Those drunken pictures from your university days? The EU thinks you should have the right to demand that social networks get rid of them completely - as well as any bit of data on you they may hold.

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Re: The Right to be Forgotten Law - Search engines can be told to wipe information

Post by whatliesbehindthesofa on 15.05.14 19:11

This is a ridiculous ruling.  When I read this earlier in the week, first thing I thought was that the McCanns would love it.


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