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Eurovision blatant masonic symbolisms

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Re: Eurovision blatant masonic symbolisms

Post by Tony Bennett on 12.05.14 20:56

@Woofer wrote:
No Fate Worse Than De'Ath wrote:The whole thing sounds like a nightmare for anyone like me who has a problem with flashing lights and fast-moving images! I wouldn't have had time to notice masonic images before I reached for the off switch.

I think you would have switched for the off switch anyway NFWTD - I`ve just looked at the Polish and Austrian contributions and just thought...Yuk...what is this world coming to.   Its' obviously not possible anymore to be creative without including the lurid side of life.
I think it's clear by now that obvious Masonic/occultic symbols were very much in view on the Song Contest.

As they undoubtedly also were in the Olympics closing ceremony in 2012 and are on many popular TV shows and concerts these days.

Some people have gone back 40 or even 41 years.

I am going to go back three years better, to 1970, when this song was a worthy winner for Ireland:

In those days, the 1960s, children of any age above about 10 could watch Eurovision and enjoy it.

However, the sexualisation of the Song Contest these days, in an age of the over-sexualisation of young children, is so pronounced that a wise parent would make sure their children weren't watching it 



The amazing symbiosis between bees and flowers:  

Tony Bennett

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Re: Eurovision blatant masonic symbolisms

Post by whatliesbehindthesofa on 12.05.14 21:14

My children watched it, and I'm wise enough to be their Dad, thank you very much Tony.


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Re: Eurovision blatant masonic symbolisms

Post by plebgate on 12.05.14 21:23


Some parents do not seem to mind their children watching what was once deemed as very unsuitable viewing for them and the World is paying the price for it.

I heard last week that Miley Cirus upset many parents at her concert by swearing and asking her fans some pretty awful questions about how they behave.

I was appalled to hear that some children as young as 6 were at her concert.   Six years old and allowed to attend a Miley Cirus concert????

I could not believe my ears.  The parents must know of her behaviour through the tabloids but they still seem to think it's ok for their very young children to attend one of her concerts and stay up to goodness knows what time in the night in order to be able to attend.


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Re: Eurovision blatant masonic symbolisms

Post by aquila on 12.05.14 21:37

Does anyone take the Eurovision Song Contest seriously?

I'm in my mid 50's and it was a joke when I was a girl.

Katie Boyle - the darling of the UK who could speak French announcing the results, all the catholic countries (regardless of their feelings towards each other) voting for each other - 'nil point' to everyone else.

Then in later years Terry Wogan - I'll never forget him calling one particular entry 'a bunch of auld wallopers'. I miss Terry.

I've never understood how Israel compete but it's not important. It's a load of codswallop that's a bit of fun.

This year's entry from UK was an emetic - no different from any other year.

It's the Eurovision Song Contest where everyone wants to shine a light, speak of great heartache and love. It's nonsense and it's good fun.

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