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Post by Jauna Loca on 30.07.14 15:09

@tigger wrote:
No Fate Worse Than De'Ath wrote:They did appear to be genuinely distraught at last year's anniversary event though; very strange.

It was that fiver,nnfwtd, I think he'd been hoping for at least a twenty.. laughat 

Btw, that wasn't long after Tannerman was taken off the menu?
I think something happened round the time of last year's anniversary. On the Tuesday (I think it was) they were giggling with Lorraine on morning TV.
The papers were full of the "I-could-forgive-the-abductor c**p". On Friday, out of the blue and IMO for the very first time,  there were genuine tears and
distress at the memorial ceremony. Lo and behold on Monday Kate is off to Portugal with Ms. Hubbard, wrongly reported in media as Ma Healy. Summoned?
No mention of this impending pilgrimage in the commemorative media fest of the previous week. IMO the focus and tone of the SY inquiry changed then and they felt
under pressure. Holding on to this as a possible indication that Justice will be done for Madeleine.
Jauna Loca
Jauna Loca

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