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The cost of the Lee Balkwell investigation to date (1 May 2014)

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The cost of the Lee Balkwell investigation to date (1 May 2014)

Post by Tony Bennett on 01.05.14 20:22

This is an incomplete summary using conservative figures. The true total cost wil be higher than this:


The cost (so far) of the investigation into the death of Lee Balkwell
(up to and including 1 May 2014)

Lee was killed on 18 July 2002

Since then, 11 years and 287 days have elapsed. These have been the main expenses paid for out of public funds so far:

Item                                                                                 Estimated cost (£)

1. Essex Police original investigation

Initial investigation (2002)
First review (2003-6)
Second review (2006-10)
Dozens of officers used
Interviews of dozens of witnesses
Management by the most senior officers
Commissioning of expert reports (see below)
Various kinds of admin costs, travel, expenses etc.
DCS’s as S.I.O.’s                                                                          £4.5 million

2. Current Kent Police investigation (2010-14)

Management by the most senior officers
DCS and DCI as S.I.O.’s
Several officers full-time, plus others p/time
Commissioning of expert reports (see below)
Interviewing dozens more witnesses                                            £1.5 million

3. Essex Police oversight of current Kent police investigation

Supervised by Assistant Chief Constable                                     £100,000

4. 1st PCA/IPCC Investigation 2003-4

Several staff of PCA/IPCC involved for 1.5 years                 
Police officers interviewed at length  
Legal advice for officers at public expense                                   £150,000

5. 2nd IPCC Investigation 2007-2012

Several staff involved
Dozens of police officers interviewed
Interim and Final report
26 findings of misconduct against 8 Essex officers     
Legal advice for officers at public expense                                   £550,000

6. Health & Safety Industrial Accident investigation

Ongoing for several years
Simon Bromley successfully prosecuted for failure to insure
Experts used                                                                                  £150,000

7. Forensic Science Service Investigation (2008-9)

Commissioned by Essex Police
Ran for nearly a year
Used several experts doing detailed investigations                       £250,000

8. Medical Experts

Commissioned by Essex & Kent Police
Post mortem
12 other reports by pathologists, some very detailed                    £225,000

9. Non-medical Experts

Commissioned by Essex and Kent Police
Includes several demonstrations of the lorry workings
Many other technical investigations
About 24 in all                                                                                £275,000

10. Coroners Inquest (2008)

Twice adjourned, once because the Coroner’s Officer was corrupt
Lasted 9 days
Jury of 11
All preparation for the jury, huge bundles of documents
  and photographs for jury and the parties      
Chief Constable, one Senior police officer and the
  Police Federation all represented by barristers and
  solicitors at public expense                                                        £1.75 million

11. Exhumation

All costs relating to the exhumation of Lee’s body March 2013
Including second post-mortem                                                       £300,000

12.  Operation Abante - Review by West Midlands Police
as a result of IPCC recommendation

Carried out by DCS Dave Mirfield and a team of officers
  over 9 months                                                                               £100,000

13. Crown Prosecution Service

Several senior staff involved over 12 years                                     £250,000

14. Current criminal proceedings

Preparing case
Interviewing several suspects under caution
Arrests and search of suspects’ premises
Costs of court hearings (two hearings to date)
Employment of Karim Kahlil Q.C. as barrister
Defence costs from public funds                                                       £200,000      


Approx. Total to date:                                                                 £10,300,000


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Re: The cost of the Lee Balkwell investigation to date (1 May 2014)

Post by IAmNotMerylStreep on 01.05.14 20:36

It puts the cost of Madeleine's investigation into perspective.

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