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Essex Police corruption - more

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Essex Police corruption - more

Post by Tony Bennett on 01.05.10 12:45

Yet another corrupt Essex Police detective - Robert Sloan.

His barrister said in Court earlier this week: "Sloan may have acted unconventionally in his handling of police informer Wayne Taylor, but in this respect he acted on the instructions of senior officers".

NOTE: Taylor was one of Britain's most notorious drug-dealers yet, as this court case will reveal, he was an paid Essex Police informer for at least 11 years.

He was sentenced four years ago for 18 years for paying two hit men to try to kill two police officers and their children in a petrol bomb attack that, mercifully, failed in its objectives.

The court this week was told that Taylor had, as a police informer, helped to 'nail' over 250 other criminals with his 'inside information'. That's a figure I would question, but in any event the evidence so far in this case - with Sloan's evidence to come next week, is that the police allowed him to carry on with his drug-delaing and crimes whilst continuing as a police informer. Relations between paid police informers and the officers who are their 'handlers' are frequently corrupt.

A source tells me that Sloan may next week in Court name the names of those senior officers who encouraged him in his corrupt dealings with Wayne Taylor:

Suspended detective 'plotted to frustrate prosecutors' - Peterborough Today [NOTE: THis article on the case appears for some reason to have been 'whooshed' - T.B.]
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