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The US Paedophile Information Exchange

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The US Paedophile Information Exchange

Post by tasprin on 13.04.14 18:06

Until today I had no idea this organisation - B4U-ACT - existed. It is a very active US version of The Paedophile Information Exchange.

*Child Trauma Expert: Pro-Pedophilia Groups Are ‘Grooming’ Public to Accept Adult-Child Sex
October 16, 2013
By Alissa Tabirian
*The comments under this article are chilling
Newsflash from UK Blog
British Academics Working to Normalize Paedophilia
Friday, 28 February 2014

The American organization calling itself B4U-ACT is the US version of the infamous Paedophile Information network actively supported by Harriet Harman and other top members of the Labour Party.

B4U-ACT (Before You Act) started as a support network for people who wanted to discuss their unfortunate attraction to minors. It protests about public "prejudice" against paedophiles, and tries to persuade us that paedos are just nice, misunderstood people. Re-branding is the name of the game, and if you call them "minor-attracted persons" it sounds so much less bigoted! They have taken these tactics directly from the LGBT movement which is their breeding-ground.

Last year B4U-Act sent a public letter to The Editor of Harvard Mental Health, Harvard University, calling for the de-stigmatisation of paedophilia. This was written to the in response to an article of theirs, entitled, "Pessimism about Pedophilia", saying that curing paedophiles was a near impossibility.

B4U-ACT's letter, entitled, “ B4U-ACT Responds to Pejorative Letter in Harvard Mental Health Letter” said, “Inaccurate stereotypes lead to dehumanization..... “people who are stigmatized experience social death when others in society hold attitudes and behave in ways to turn the stigmatized person into an 'other,' or a non-person....The article called for therapies that affirmed a paedophile's "sense of dignity and worth" to "save them from feelings of hopelessness and even suicide." It said “If stigma is primarily psychological, then eradicating it may involve psychotherapy to help patients boost self-esteem. If it is more of a social construct, the way to fight it is through awareness campaigns to change public opinion and policies. And if stigma is a moral issue, then it may be necessary to advocate for basic human rights.” Why, it sounds like the LGBT militants talking and surprise surprise, it is the LGBT militants who are talking.

The signatories to the letter claim to be mental health professionals but the first two are just the leaders of B4U-Act - how does that make them mental health professionals? Signatory number seven is "Dr" Eric Anderson of Winchester University, whose credentials as an academic stem from his qualifications in so-called "sports studies". [I wonder if he studied under Jerry Sandusky?] He publishes books of "research" into the need for more promiscuity among young males. "Research", that is what he calls it, and the tax-payer is funding this.

Eric Anderson ‏@EricAndersonPhD Nov 8 @RidScott Glad to help w/ concussion doc. I'm Prof of masculinities/sport and written on it. Email me at my website
When "Dr" sorry "Professor" Anderson was invited to Oxford to speak to the LGBT group here, his coarse, foul language and gross attitudes shocked even them. He was recorded on the Oxford Student website as saying that “The damage that’s caused by child molestation is socially constructed by the western world,” in other words, don't make a fuss about it and there is no problem. He is also reported as saying that paying for sex is just like paying for any other form of "pleasure and entertainment", and boasting about the thousands of teenage boys who have helped him in his "research" .
These are the sort of people who are taking over in academia thanks to trendy leftie garbage ideology.

In the letter to Harvard University, the signatory above "Professor" Anderson is that of Wayne Bowers, President of the Board of the so-called, Sex Abuse Treatment Alliance, who is reported by newspapers to be a twice convicted paedophile.

If you agree that it is wrong for such people to be teaching in British universities and getting public funding, you could write to the Vice-Chancellor Of Winchester University, Professor Joy Carter, and urge her to terminate this unsavoury man's contract. Personally I think he should be sacked without references and never allowed to teach again.


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