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MH370 and similarities with the madeleine case

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MH370 and similarities with the madeleine case

Post by justathought on 28.03.14 19:48

Appreciate there is a seperate thread on the tragic events surrounding MH370 and apologies if I am posting what has been written before.
But I feel the current events surrounding the diasappence of the plane, has many similarities to that of Madeleine's disaperence.
We have a mystery, associated press coverage, politics and now the lawyers are circling in, just as happened with the Madeleine case.
At the start the investigation concentrated in on a "prime" location i.e the SE China sea. Bit like Murat being the "prime" suspect at the start. Next we are told this lead of enquiry is wrong. So we need to look elsewhere to resolve the case. Bit like the McCanns becoming suspects.
With the MH 370 tragedy hopefully there will be closure very soon. The truth will out, and it would appear the mystery has finally been solved by use of all available tools and evidence. With the exception of some countries not wishing to reveal certain classified security information. 
Maybe SY have all the tools and evidence in place to solve the Madeleine case. But are still looking in the wrong place i.e. the SE China sea? When other blindingly obvious leads on the case are seemingly ignored, for whatever reason.


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