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Not Just Lip Service

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Not Just Lip Service

Post by Guest on 11.03.14 13:35

While watching BBC news yesterday the Sign Language interpreter got me thinking about the other vital communication skill used by the deaf and hard of hearing which is Lip Reading or Speech Reading, this in turn reminded me of something I read quite a long while ago, I can't remember where I read it and have seen nothing since.

The PJ had been given access to two English Lip Readers for them to study secret film footage.

Does anyone remember reading this or is it forum myth?

Powerful cameras can pick up people and objects from maybe miles away, so if the person was facing towards the camera when being filmed and although they thought they were away from prying eyes and some distance away they weren't as safe in their hidden coversations thanks to expert Lip Readers.

We all remember the John Terry case.

This is worth a read


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