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Oscar Pistorious deleted phone messages

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Oscar Pistorious deleted phone messages

Post by mary, mungo & midge on 27.02.14 13:55

Have just read on sky news that Oscar Pistorious is on trial next week and investigators are in New York with his iPhone asking Apple to recover deleted messages and data records. Does anyone know if anything has happened re getting deleted messages etc from Tapas members phones?

mary, mungo & midge

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oscar pistorius: ruling overturned ?

Post by bobbin on 03.12.15 13:19

Admin. Please can you place this in a proper thread if this is not appropriate.

Have just heard on Classic FM news that Oscar Pistorius has now been found guilty of murder.
Only info available at moment is the site above.
Does anyone know if this is true ?

Have now found this on the MMM site.

Surprising how nothing comes up in searches for this info. It had had such news headline coverage in the past, now, nothing....

Confirmed, it is in the news.

A truly terrible tragedy, but justice at last for Reeva and for her parents/ family, friends, and the African National Congress Women’s League.


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Re: Oscar Pistorious deleted phone messages

Post by Joss on 03.12.15 15:20

Just read it on Yahoo News website :

Oscar Pistorius convicted of murder over the death of Reeva Steenkamp

Athletics star Oscar Pistorius has had his culpable homicide conviction over the death of model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp upgraded to murder.
South Africa's Supreme Court of Appeal today announced its verdict on a bid by prosecutors to have him convicted of murder for killing his girlfriend.
"Guilty of murder, with the accused having criminal intent," judge Eric Leach told the court.


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Re: Oscar Pistorious deleted phone messages

Post by worriedmum on 03.12.15 17:27

Is there any indication that the retrieved (previously deleted ) phone messages were contributory factors in the  decision to change the verdict to one of murder?

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